SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

The Sleeping Primordial

With a wave of his hand, Pelor transported the three of them to the crusty wench. He let them know that he would control the portal ritual. The crystal crunched into the helm and the crusty wench sailed through the portal and into the deepest level of hell.

Almost immediately flocks of demons soared towards them as Pelor screamed for Thom to take the helm. Pelor blasted the flock with a wide beam of light that ignited the demons dropping them into the shadows of endless dark sharp mountains that spread out to every horizon. Pelor pointed to a lone structure ahead of them, a giant fortress. He declared that it was called Malsheem.

The fortress stood larger in lone structure than the entire city of Sharn. From the tops of the massive chaotic building larger demons took flight. Pelor focused his beam down to a column a foot in diameter and blasted holes straight through the new attackers.

A voice sounded out from all around them. It was Asmodeus, he demanded that Pelor meet with him before he considered the visit an act of war. The demons pulled off of their attack and hovered above the wench as Thom landed it on the flat top of a tall tower. Asmodeus appeared on the top and welcomed them and with a snap of his finger teleported them to a private sitting room.

After serving tea, Asmodeus got down to the point of what needed to happen. Pelor asked that the demon king to awaken Huer Ket. Asmodeus asked what was the payment for him doing the task. When Pelor could not answer Asmodeus had the sun god beg on his knees. The group sat stunned at the scene before them as Pelor stood back up. Asmodeus told them that he was just about to contact Hestivar, as the dream that contained Huer Ket seemed to be reaching an end.

After a recent investigation, Asmodeus found that the primordial had killed all but one god in his dreams. Huer Ket had come only down to a battle with Asmodeus and the dream Asmodeus was losing. Asmodeus had a plan to wake Heur Ket and show him reality and place him back into the dream to begin his god war anew.

The talk with the demon king ended with Pelor agreeing to travel to Eberron and act as bait for Huer Ket. Pelor left after giving the book of vile darkness to Asmodeus. Asmodeus teleported the group back on board the crusty wench where the demon took control of the helm. He told them that Huer Ket lay at the bottom of the Pillars of Creation.

The wench plane traveled and was suddenly flying next to a massive funnel cloud of swirling air that traveled as far as their eyes could see in both directions. Asmodeus flew the wench into the winds and demanded that the group ready themselves as they would be traveling nonstop for over a day.

The abnormalities that afflicted the ship were many from storms of steel shards, to dodging random planar portals. The wench was even beset by many air elemental creatures. Finally the group traveled through a massive naturally occurring planar portal and into a space nearly void of gravity. Chunks of various elements seemed to for and grow in the air around them before traveling upwards into the portal.

Asmodeus flew the Crusty Wench down onto a lone island of sand that floated in the air slowly rotating but not rising. On the surface lay the sleeping primordial Huer Ket. His blackened humanoid body stretched out twenty five feet in length with nothing around him to disturb his slumber.



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