SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Oublivae's Epitaph

Thom struggled to pull the wench out of the collision with Huer Ket and managed to pull the front away. Neon had trouble with the sail and dragged it across the back of the fiery creature leaving only a charred stick where it had been a moment earlier. The Crusty Wench rolled and began to circle without control into the ground. Neon was thrown free on the way down.

After crawling out of the wreckage, the group found themselves surrounded by battling demons. To the north Oublivae and Huer Ket traded blows with the primordial obviously coming out on top. However, as the group battled amongst the lesser demons, they noticed that Oublivae did not seem worried as she was forced to continually retreat.

The hordes of Oublivae retreated along with their mistress and the forces of Huer Ket surged forward. The group chased along with the demons into a wooded area. They avoided taint slicks, vomiting demons, a hell vent, and several giant poisonous creatures. With the forest on firer behind them that emerge out the other side.

In front of them they could see Oublivae hovering twenty feet off of the ground and taunting Huer Ket. The primordial lept at the hovering demoness and straight through. Huer Ket discovered the illusion to late and soared directly into a lake filled with Oublivaes taint. Blackened tendrils dragged the primordial under the surface.

The group was beset by several fleeing fire demons and a large poison demon with Oublivaes general. As they fought on the bank of the lake, Huer Ket fought his way out of the lake.

The group was surprised by tendrils that attempted to pull them into the waters, while defending themselves from the barbed tentacles of the large abomination. Thom was grabbed, and Neon teleported into the waters. Bavak used his superior movement to help his companions out of the water and fought off the tendrils.

Oublivaes generals magic entered Thom’s mind and forced him to attack Neon as the paladin used awkward healing magic on him. Beyond their fight up the bank, Huer Ket broke free of the lake tendrils, and searched for signs of the hidden Oublivae.

Bavak charged back across the bank at the general and his pet. Thom regained his mind as Neon followed Bavak. Huer Ket looked to the sky and spotted a swirling amongst the clouds above. He launched himself upwards and the lake grabbed his legs slowing his ascent as Oublivae broke from the clouds and met the primordial blade first driving him back to the ground. The glave of Oublivae had pierced clean through her enemy and she pulled it free as Huer Kets fiery body dimmed.

The general and his pet finally began to show the effects of the damage they were absorbing. Thom charged up to join the group. Oublivae grabbed Huer Kets leg and made to throw the fallen foe into the lake when a fiery comet in the sky flew out of the clouds and stopped thirty feet up and released a gout of flames onto the two of them. The group could see that this was no mere comet. It was Azrukal, the dark elf they left on Vescallians pirate ship in the astral sea.

Oublivae struggled to toss the primordial. However, Huer Ket was rejuvenated and stopped her, pulling himself free from her grasp. Oublivae received a fist to the chin that launched her over the lake where her wings opened and stopped her travel.

The groups combined efforts paid off as the abomination fell followed shortly by his master. The groups attention turned again to the battle between the two immortals. With a whip like snapdragon her wings, Oublivae shot like an arrow toward Huer Ket. However, right at the bank Azrukal flew down upon her driving her into the ground at Huer Kets feet.

Heur Ket reached down and grabbed Oublivae by the head and lifted her up. He other hand joined the first and despite her struggles he crushed her head. Azrukal bathed Huer Ket in fire healing his master. Huer Ket then devoured Oublivae biting and crunching her up in five bites. Her body forever dead devoured eternally with fire inside the primordial.



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