SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Home at Last

After landing, Asmodeus drew forth the book and a pouch of a black like powder. He carefully poured the sand into intricate runes and a circle around himself. He then brought forth a vial of crimson liquid and poured it onto the cover of the book and vanished by being drawn into the book itself. Asmodeus opened the book and he stared blankly as the ancient words dripped out of his mouth. The covers of the black book invaded the flesh of his arms with a blackness that began a slow travel towards his throat.

The group waited for what was to come and suddenly Asmodeus’s words cut off with a choke. The blackness of the book had traveled all the way up to his jaw line. Bavak charged forward and slammed his hand into the book from below. The book stuck fast to Bavak and the words continued only now from the mouth of the deva monk. Asmodeus fell into creations sands unconscious and still.

The body of the primordial began to smolder, smoke Thom and Neon kept a close watch on Bavak watching the books blackness traveling up his arms toward his throat. A moment later, Huer Kets body burst into flames. The ground around his prone body began to melt into molten glass. Asmodeus’s body lay in heated puddle.

Thom ran towards Asmodeus as Neon knocked the book out of Bavak’s hands. Huer Ket stood slowly up. The heat from his body increasing by the second, Thom knew he couldn’t stand near for long. From out of the pools of molten glass raised several fiery creatures who began attacking the group. Huer Ket briefly attacked the group before thankfully Asmodeus awoke and drew his attention away.

The group fought hard against the minions of Huer Ket before Asmodeus grabbed the book of vile darkness and exclaimed, “he will follow me.” And planar jumped away from the conflict.

Heur Ket roared and with a mighty leap launched himself into the portal of creation leaving the group alone on the island. The three of them boarded the Crusty Wench and Thom smashed a crystal into the helm. The finally were heading back to Eberron, back home.

The portal opened and the train soared once again into the skies over Sharn. However, much had changed. The entire city above ground was nothing but rubble. The sky had a thick dark cloud layer over it and a rot smell was in the air. The group held a slow course over the city and noticed one remaining structure, the tower of house Cannith. Hanging down the front of the tower was a giant banner displaying the bull head of Cannith on top of the Day of Mourning symbol…Oblivaes symbol.



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