SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Eberrons Own Demon

The wench crested the top of the mountain and the group saw what was causing the glow. Oublivaes taint flowed into the volcanic vents at the top of the mountain and flared up a bright orange as the planet itself repelled the demonic influence.

Thom continued following the trail of rot left by Oublivae down the back side of the mountains. The heat from the top of the Fang Peaks was shortly replaced by a sharp cold wind. Within hours, the group could see patches of snow. Before long they had pulled out their cloaks as they now traveled over a massive snow field.

By the middle of the day, the group found the demon tracks ended into a large snow field surrounding a fissure that was so deep the bottom traveled into complete darkness. All around the hole, were several small dug out dens with roof vents that sent one hundred smoke clouds up from the surface.

Thom landed the Crusty Wench behind a series of rocks that peeked out of the endless white. The positioning was perfect to hide the entire train from view. Shortly after landing, they discovered that Bavak had never seen snow and could not really comprehend sneaking across it. So Thom tip toed across and discovered that the demons were very displeased to be left by their leader in this frozen waste.

Thom returned to his companions who were having a snow man building contest and both failing. He relayed that Oublivaes taint indeed traveled into the fissure. The group set to sneaking over to the fissure. Thom was the first to enter, followed closely by Bavak, and much farther behind Neon clanked across the tundra.

Neon jumped head first into a snow bank and somehow made it all the way up to his ankles. The demons in the surrounding dug outs failed to see what had caused so much noise and soon went back to their warm fires. The nearby army ignored the following quieter noises that Neon caused making his way after that.

Inside the fissure, the group traveled downwards a few hundred feet before the humidity raised and the walls became covered with a combination of Oublivae taint and a blackish mold that seem to eat each other. As they traveled deeper, they came upon several dead creatures covered with taint.

After descending well over a mile into the crevasse, the tight path opened up into a massive chamber. The walls and floor had become more soft and flesh like. In the center of the area was a giant boulder that nearly filled the two hundred foot tall chamber. At the ceiling a quarter of a mile from their position, a flock of small beholders zapped creatures on the ceiling and scrambled to eat them as they fell.

Thom began to sneak across the area and was followed by Bavak slipping down to the level area with a tumbling Neon close behind. The beholders ignored the group and continued their feast at the high ceiling. Thom straightened up and walked normally toward the massive sphere of stone. Neon let him know that he was afraid that the rock was merely a giant beholder. However, the taint trail led directly up to it.

Bavak ignored the warnings of his companions and walked right up to the stone and began touching it. Right as he got to it, a large eye opened on the side of it followed by hundreds of smaller eyes. Each eye stared at the monk who was amazed at the structure. The deva called back to his companions that there was an opening where the taint led.

The group joined the foolhardy monk at the entrance and noticed that the eyes around it wept as Oublivaes taint tried to enter their sockets. They traveled together into the entrance and up a corridor that led fifty feet into the structure and into a large round chamber. In the center of the chamber sat a strange looking humanoid with greenish colored skin over his entire body all the way up to his shoulders where it became more human looking.

Thom recognized the man from myths of Eberron. This looked like Belashyrra The Lord of Eyes. This man who sat in front of the group was the one that lore spoke created the beholders among other abominations.

Belashyrra believed that Oublivae who had left instantly had sent the group in try and kill him. And summoned several beholders out of the walls of the chamber. The Lord of eyes sat casually during the fight sure that his minions would make short work of the group.

The fight was rough controlled by the psychic assault of the many beholder rays. However, the group finally destroyed the final enemy and turned their attention back to Belashyrra. The Lord of Eyes asked that they hold their attack. He told them he knew the smell of the silver flame and that they were not servants of the demon. He confirmed that the group would seek to end Oublivaes reign on Eberron. Thom confirmed and Belashyrra revealed that the demoness had traveled to south of Passage.

He then released them and told them to never return. The group spent the next few hours traveling back up out of the fissure. When they reached the top, they found that the demon army had packed up and began to travel north. The made it to the Crusty Wench and Thom portaled to the south of Passage remembering the murderous train ride that had taken him there a year ago.

The Wench emerged from the portal fifteen feet off of the ground and mere feet away from the towering inferno they now knew as Huer Ket. The primordial faced off against the wicked Oublivae in a combat that would surely end one of them.



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