SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Cannith's Folly

The group directed the Crusty Wench toward the tower with the intent on at least vandalizing the banner. However, as they approached, wizards maned the top area and began launching fireball spells at their vessel.

Thom brought the train in from below and set a hover above roof level. The group dropped down by means of ropes and found their attackers were not suited to start this fight. After dispatching the wizards and a couple of plague demons, they fought their way inside and chased off the tower guards. Thom directed their progress to the meeting room that had been used to discuss lightning rail terms. Inside, they found both Merrik d’Cannith and his sister backed into a corner of the room.

Thom grilled the head of the dragon marked house, asking if it was worth it. Merrik’s responses were mostly based in regret, however he promised to have a plan to get rid of Oublivae. Thom had heard enough and sent Neon down the tower to find other guards to imprison the two nobles. After paying all the remaining guards 3 gold each (more than they had every been paid) they gladly put their former leaders into a holding cell and pledged themselves to their new lord Neon.

They returned to the Wench and Thom directed the train southward. Merrik had claimed that his employees in Xendrik had claimed to have seen the demoness within the last day traveling southward.

The journey took the Crusty Wench two and a half days, meaning that their flying train was the fastest method of travel known on Eberron. They touched down at the base of the Fang mountains at a mostly hidden Cannith factory. On the mountain tops above them, the sky glowed a orange color. Through the jungles most of the way here, a trail of Oublivaes rot led them to the mountains.

Inside the factory, they found the Forman in change of the operations. He was easily convinced by Thom that they were on inspection mission by Merrik himself and told them everything. While there the group discovered that many similar warforge creation factories existed on other continents of Eberron. Merrik was creating an army that could fight back against the demon hordes. The Forman showed them the fifteen hundred plus warforge that had been manufactured already and proved that he was actually ahead of schedule.

The group left the factory and boarded the wench. Thom put the vessel into a climb toward the top of the mountains.



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