SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Balance Returns to Eberron

Once inside the monk followed the group and asked that they travel upstairs and get the survivors. He mentioned that he did not know who was up there and noted that a new monk brother Peter, had not been seen and did not know the building well.

Bavak tore some cloth into smaller folded pieces and wet them with water. He handed them to the group covered his mouth and traveled up the stairs. Once on the second floor, the group faced a smoke filled hallway.

A cracking sound followed by a loud boom sounded from the nearest room. Bavak launched a kick that smashed the door. Inside the group found a trapped monk under the debris of the collapsed ceiling. Neon and Thom joined in clearing the monk and patching up his leg enough for him to travel outside.

Within seconds, an explosion came from a door on the left and blew through the door across the hall on the right. Screams emitted from the hall on the right as a burning liquid spilled across the hallway and into the room. The group ran to help the distressed people and found two monks. One monk held another unconscious monk nearly completely covered in burns. The monk cried and begged that the group not let him die.

Thom tried to save the suffering monk and found his injuries to severe as the monk passed away. Neon convinced the other monk to save himself despite his protests. As the monk left sobbing he mentioned that he could hear the sound of Brother Peters birds, and that he may still be down the hall.

The group made it to the last room on the right and could hear the sounds of panicked birds from the other side of the smoking door. Thom opened the door and found several canaries in wicker cages flitting around. Neon busted open the shuttered window as Thom and Bavak released the birds. The birds quickly made their way to fresh air.

The group saw no sign of Peter, in the room. However, when they looked out the window, the witnessed a robed old bearded human with three canaries on his shoulder hobbling after a fourth trying to coax it to return to him.

The whimsical sight was destroyed when a loud boom from the forest beyond revealed Huer Ket traveling in bounding fashion towards the frail man. The group jumped down from the second floor window in time to see the flaming primordial fly over their heads and land near the main entrance to the monastery.

They followed to the front of the monastery and witnessed as Huer Ket devoured Azrukal’s unconscious body. Thom looked around for he faithful steed Secretariat, and could find him nowhere. The bard guessed that the horse had probably been eaten as well. In his heart, the bard hoped that maybe Azrukal and Secretariat would be joined wherever they ended up and live happily together.

Huer Ket made a shallow leap that landed him near Brother Peter who ignored the beast and finally caught the flitting canary as the fiery beast eyed him quizzically. The aloof old man suddenly became very aware of the creature and addressed him directly. The robed brother Peter told Huer Ket that he knew he couldn’t simply ask him to leave the realm. The old man tapped his staff on the ground and it burst into a blue lined silvery glow. Huer Ket told the frail priest that he would be destroyed.

The group immediately joined the old man in fighting the primordial and found that the aged man possessed healing properties that not only sustained their stamina, but also bolstered their attacks. With the help of Peters magic Huer Ket almost seemed beatable. Huer Ket grew frustrated with the lack of effectiveness to his attacks and slammed his giant fists into the ground. Where they hit, lava pools sprung to life. The pools birthed two giant fire beings who began fighting ferociously along side their master.

Peter answered the summons with a blinding light that once cleared left the priest in his true form, Bahumet. The platinum dragon let the group know not celebrate as it preferred their chances when they faced the tarrasque. The dragon tore into the molten foe with its claws and teeth.

The group began to focus on the new adversaries. However, before they could finish a single one, Bahumet began to show signs of possible defeat at the hands of the primordial. A bolt of light launched down from the heavens and the group noticed that the clouds of Oublavae had begun to vanish. At the impact point of the light now stood a stocky looking armored dwarf. The dwarf declared to the primordial that it had gained the attention of Dol Dorn. Neon lit up with a new motivation as his chosen deity not stood before him.

The dwarf charged into supporting Bahumet, as the group fell the first fire Titan. Huer Ket raged on its fire intensifying as it with stood the onslaught of damage. The group struggled with the other Titan finding their efforts quickly gaining ground.

By the time the second Titan fell, the group found themselves badly wounded and exhausted of healing magic. They now turned their attentions back to Huer Ket who despite the combined efforts of two gods still battled savagely. The battle still looked like it could go either way. However, luck was with them as they combatants landed a series of decisive blows to the primordial and drove it unconscious.

The fires of Heur Kets body flickered out for only a moment before alighting once again. A voice from near by warned the group to continue fighting him and that he was not beaten. From a nearby hill, Asmodeus stood with the Book of Vile Darkness in his hands. His words quickly became ancient and unknown as he began the ritual that would again send Huer Ket into a ten thousand year sleep. The blackened covers of the book began traveling up his arms as he struggled to control them.

An explosion at their feet let them know that Huer Ket had recovered. They once again combined their efforts to drive the creature into submission. However, as they neared that point again Thom noticed on the hill that Asmodeus lay on the ground with the book in hand unconscious. The books blackness had traveled up his arms and around the devil kings throat.

The bard yelled for Neon and Bavak to help him make his way to the book. Before the group arrived despite their best efforts. A new voice began the ritual. Pelor stood shining above the fallen devil and seemed to have achieved a power balance with the books evil as the blackness seemed to have stopped at his elbows. A thick green mist covered the monastery courtyard and restful darkness enveloped the group.

The group awakens to Pelor waving a glowing hand over each of them to revive them. Nearby, Huer Ket had returned to his blackened form. In a blink, Pelor teleported back to the top of the hill. He knelt over Asmodeus and waved his healing hand over the devil. Asmodeus’s stomach began to move in breath and his eyes flickered open.

The devil king wondered what the favor wound cost him and Pelor let him know that the moment was priceless. Asmodeus asked why he would be worth reviving and the sun god let him know that their relationship was a sound investment. He reached down and helped Asmodeus to his feet. Thom and Neon remembered not long ago Pelor kneeling at Asmodeus’s feet.

Pelor thanked his faithfuo hands and told Asmodeus that he would return him to the ninth layer of hell and place Huer Ket back at the beginning of creation. The three legendary figures vanished.

Brother Peter touched Thom on the shoulder and told him that balance was restored before one of the four canaries flew off of his shoulder. The old priest hobbled along behind the bird and tried in vain to coax it back to his shoulder. The robed man vanished into the nearby woods.

Dol Dorn approached Neon. The paladin’s God acknowledged his dual faith with confidence. He let the paladin know that everyone will know the story of this day, but that most will only take it as legend.

The Eberron God tasked Neon to bringing faith back to the lands. He then bestowed a taint removing boon on the paladin. Neon accepted Dol Dorn’s task to cleanse the evil taint from the land and vanished.

Thom returned to Sharn and found the remaining members of house Cannith brought to justice. The survivors of the demon invasion revered the bard and soon word spread that all members of the former royal family had perished. The people pushed for Thom to be their new king and he accepted after much thought. The bards business savvy rebuilt Breland quickly and brought its most profitable age.

The lighting rail was repaired and began construction under the control of the new government instead of private business and connected all nations like never before. Thom in turn was able to be the first truly international leader.

Under the new rule, Thom created a new single dragon marked house from the remnants of all houses. The bard sent emissaries to the south who after negotiations were able to return the warforge orb back into the Mornland. This action formed the First Nation to be created by warforge who pledged allegiance to Breland.

During the reconstruction, Neon made his way across the nations. Wherever he went he preformed the Dol Dorn miracle removing the stubborn traces of the demons from the lands. The people of every nation experienced the grace of Dol Dorn and eventually Neon was able to make Dol Dorn the favored God amongst the people of Korvaire. As the paladin grew old and weary of travel, he eventually founded the first national church of Korvaire. Neon was instantly voted and named first pope of the church of Dol Daylor.

Bavak simply said goodbye to the companions. The simple monk explained to them that his time as the hand of Pelor had given him a sense of purpose he hadn’t encountered before. He planar jumped back to Hestivar and continued his immortal life near his deity.

All these things came true to for these heroic figures.

Yet as the years of peace rolled by, far to the south of Eberron past even the massive fang mountains of Xendrick beyond the sight of everyone except one…one who can see.

Belashyrra, met with the rakshasa who slinked into the chamber of eyes.

This is what was said…

“Well Durastoran, is it not as I for saw it?”

“Yes, it is. I myself witnessed the shackles of the silver flame burned from my lord as Oublavae and Huer Ket stole faith and hope from the land. And as you said they would, when you let them live, these new rulers have drawn faith toward other deities in Eberron removing focus from the silver flame.”

“Good, then you have come as we discussed to remove my bond to this underworld?”

“It is as my lord commands. He readies in the east and awaits your council.”

“I have seen the dark dragons begin their migration towards him for your to command. Tiamat has kept her promise.”

“This world of feeble state will be brought to the second age of demons. Leave your underworld Belashyrra, the shadow in the flames awaits. Hail Bel Shalor.”



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