SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Azrukal, It Was Bound To Happen.

Azrukal landed on the bank of the lake as Huer Ket launched himself north in the direction of the city of Passage. The sorcerer emanated power as he approached the group.

Azrukal requested that the group leave the planet of Eberron. He told them that Oublavae was defeated and that the planet was now Huer Kets. Thom pleaded with Azrukal to send Huer Ket away and to not follow him. Azrukal let Thom know that his only desire was more power, and their group could not supply that to him.

The sorcerer became engulfed in fire and said that the next time they met, he would kill them. He then launched himself into flight after his master Huer Ket.

The group began the walk north following the primordial and his herald. During the journey, the began to see signs of Oublavae diminishing. Plants became uncovered, rocks emerged, and smaller pools of water became clear again. Truly, Huer Ket held the power to destroy immortals.

Smoke on the horizon clued the group to where their travels were headed to. Soon the vast forests broke into a clearing. At the other end of the clearing, a stone monastery with a large relief of a silver flame above the large door entrance. At the foot of it, Azrukal launching flames into the windows and doors screaming threats of refusing Huer Ket. Monks screamed as they ran out of the building burning alive.

The groups approached the crazed sorcerer. Once Azrukal noticed that his former companions had ignored his demand to leave. His brought his fire onto the group.
Bavak blasted into the strange Drow with flurries of fists and kicks that were answered with pure heat and fire. Bavak’s resistances to fire helped fend off the immolation while Thom and Neon surrounded the dark elf.

Three on one and still several blow and spells were exchanged before Azrukal fell to one knee. In an instant, he was alight and surrounded by a demonic shell made of searing flame. The heat was so intense, the group had to steady just to stay near enough to engage.

Azrukal’s movement sped up, and he began to deliver several vicious fiery attacks for every one received. Thom’s healing magic was all that kept the group alive versus the flames. The fight with the demonic version of Azrukal seemed to be nearing an end when from the nearby woods, a harsh coughing emitted followed by a gallop. From the nearly dead woods, Secretariat ran forth into the battle. The decrepit looking steed stopped so suddenly, it’s back legs raised up onto the front and spin around delivering a kick deftly to the demons face.

Thom was thankful to find his faithful horse still alive. The group rallied around the new aid, landing blow after blow into Azrukal until the drow finally fell to the ground. The flames died leaving the prone unconscious body of the orange haired dark elf. Thom greeted the old horse while Bavak and Neon wondered why he would even risk touching the infected looking animal.

Screams from inside the monastery brought their attentions away from the reunion. Thom charged Secretariat with guarding Azrukal’s body. The group then ran up to the front of the burning building. When they got there, a coughing monk gasped for fresh air. He begged the group to help evacuate the monastery. The group agreed and turned to enter the smoke filled door.



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