SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Sharn Overrun.

The group braces themselves against the door to the room as the massive Minotaur charged Thom. From behind the large creature, the group caught a glimpse of another Minotaur unable to fight past his kin, and two devils who began launching fiery attacks.

Azrukal took the position of sniper while Thom used every bit of healing he could muster to stay standing. After, knocking down the devil the Minotaur followed soon allowing the second to attack.

The group stuck to their plan despite hearing a boom that shook the dust from the ceiling. After defeating the remaining two enemies, the group spread out and discovered copied pages catalog stamped by house Cannith written in a strange language on an alter next to a mangled corpse.

The group made their way up the catwalks looking to find a way out. They reached a dead end that became a passage after Azrukal stomped a hole through the bricks.

The hole led the group into a armory shop. Thom checked the front door for a lock and found an alerting charm on the handle. Azrukal set to disarming the lock and declared it finished. He then proceeded to open and set off the still armed charm.

Outside, the group discovered the burning remains of the Breland Capitol ship. Amongst the wreckage, they found the deceased body of captain Kaeles. In his hand they recovered a sending stone that connected them with the king.

The king told them that he had fled Sharn with the head of house Orien. They told the group that the city was over run with demons and that their train was over run as well.

The group decided to travel to Moregrave University to see what the pages they recovered were, and then see about their train.



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