SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

The Sleeping Primordial

With a wave of his hand, Pelor transported the three of them to the crusty wench. He let them know that he would control the portal ritual. The crystal crunched into the helm and the crusty wench sailed through the portal and into the deepest level of hell.

Almost immediately flocks of demons soared towards them as Pelor screamed for Thom to take the helm. Pelor blasted the flock with a wide beam of light that ignited the demons dropping them into the shadows of endless dark sharp mountains that spread out to every horizon. Pelor pointed to a lone structure ahead of them, a giant fortress. He declared that it was called Malsheem.

The fortress stood larger in lone structure than the entire city of Sharn. From the tops of the massive chaotic building larger demons took flight. Pelor focused his beam down to a column a foot in diameter and blasted holes straight through the new attackers.

A voice sounded out from all around them. It was Asmodeus, he demanded that Pelor meet with him before he considered the visit an act of war. The demons pulled off of their attack and hovered above the wench as Thom landed it on the flat top of a tall tower. Asmodeus appeared on the top and welcomed them and with a snap of his finger teleported them to a private sitting room.

After serving tea, Asmodeus got down to the point of what needed to happen. Pelor asked that the demon king to awaken Huer Ket. Asmodeus asked what was the payment for him doing the task. When Pelor could not answer Asmodeus had the sun god beg on his knees. The group sat stunned at the scene before them as Pelor stood back up. Asmodeus told them that he was just about to contact Hestivar, as the dream that contained Huer Ket seemed to be reaching an end.

After a recent investigation, Asmodeus found that the primordial had killed all but one god in his dreams. Huer Ket had come only down to a battle with Asmodeus and the dream Asmodeus was losing. Asmodeus had a plan to wake Heur Ket and show him reality and place him back into the dream to begin his god war anew.

The talk with the demon king ended with Pelor agreeing to travel to Eberron and act as bait for Huer Ket. Pelor left after giving the book of vile darkness to Asmodeus. Asmodeus teleported the group back on board the crusty wench where the demon took control of the helm. He told them that Huer Ket lay at the bottom of the Pillars of Creation.

The wench plane traveled and was suddenly flying next to a massive funnel cloud of swirling air that traveled as far as their eyes could see in both directions. Asmodeus flew the wench into the winds and demanded that the group ready themselves as they would be traveling nonstop for over a day.

The abnormalities that afflicted the ship were many from storms of steel shards, to dodging random planar portals. The wench was even beset by many air elemental creatures. Finally the group traveled through a massive naturally occurring planar portal and into a space nearly void of gravity. Chunks of various elements seemed to for and grow in the air around them before traveling upwards into the portal.

Asmodeus flew the Crusty Wench down onto a lone island of sand that floated in the air slowly rotating but not rising. On the surface lay the sleeping primordial Huer Ket. His blackened humanoid body stretched out twenty five feet in length with nothing around him to disturb his slumber.

Pelor's Confession

The Tarrasque charged from the side cavern entrance and easily reached the group by climbing the wall. Bavak lept onto the creature while Neon and Thom dropped down using bardic flight powers. After landing, the giant beast leapt down with them and Bavak slid down its side. Thom already wounded to nearly unconscious dove into a pile of bones and crawled into a large skull.

Neon ran across the chamber and began searching another pile of bones and could not locate any that held holy properties. Meanwhile Bavak continued attacking the Tarrasque and dodging as many blows as possible. Thom sent healing magic across the area to support his comrades, but found that the safety of the giant skull to be his only hope of survival.

Neon made his way to the final pile of bones and with a prayer to both Pelor and Del Dorn, found a large dragon skull in the pile that held immense magic properties. Thom lept from the skull and ran to Neon. He held the dragon skull inverted like a cup and gently poured the wish fluid into the cavity. The liquid was absorbed and the skull floated to the center of the chamber and slowly became covered in flesh. Bones from around the chamber raised into the air and joined the skull forming the body of a dragon.

The group focused onto the Tarrasque and kept one eye on the reforming dragon. Their chances of survival diminished every second and after several minutes, a roar told them that Bahumet had been reborn. The mighty platinum dragon finally drew the attention of the Tarrasque. However, before the creatures could melee, Bahamut disappeared.

The group decided that they were most likely dead and resolved to see the fight to their last breath. The fight was interrupted moments later by Bahumets return. The dragon god dropped onto the Tarrasque and sunk its claws deep into its back and began to rip with his mouth. The legendary beast passed out.

The group immediately made use of the planar portal ritual and traveled back to Hestivar. Where they were ushered to a private meeting with Pelor himself. Pelor praised his servants on their success and prepared to reward them but had to clarify history for them.

Pelor let the group know that he, Erathis, and Ioun had teamed up to defend themselves against Huer Ket joining their realms together into one. However, when the day came that Heur Ket arrived, the fight was balanced and lasted over a year before Ioun was forced to retreat followed by Erathis a few days later. Pelor remained and was sure to die when Asmodeus arrived and used the book of vile darkness to repel and trap Huer Ket.

Pelor let the group know that it was not him who had defeated the primordial and it was not he who could use the Book. It was the king of the demons.

The Definition of Worse

The group walked back to Hestivar and found that Guionne had dropped them off very close to the city. Once inside the city, the group quickly boarded a skiff and were charged half the price of their former driver to travel to the cathedral of Aurosion.

Outside the cathedral, the three of them were mesmerized by the beauty of the structure that was so lovely it brought tears to their eyes. The group made their way to the main entrance and Bavak speculated on the wonders that people with the title Hands of Pelor would be privy too inside.

At the doorway, the group met a ghost. A human monk in tan robes named Delvin. The monk introduced himself and let the group know that he knew who they were. He told them that he was to lead them, and that the portal was nearly ready for travel.

The group was allow a rest and meal before being given three treasures that appeared on the portal room alter. The group received two Ioun stones and an amulet of Pelor. Delvin talked with them letting them know while they ate that the exalted of the gods had discovered the last location of prayer received by Bahumet and followed by telling them that the divination of the dead was much more powerful than the living.

Delvin told them that the portal room was ready, and led them to it. Outside the room, Bavak admitted to the group that he had been disappointed by the behind the scenes of the cathedral and that he knew they had noticed. He made a promise to not be so childish in the future. The door to the portal room opened behind him and one hundred exalted activated a rainbow portal. Thom told Bavak to close his eyes so as not to be disappointed. The portal sucked the group through and they found themselves inside a pitch black cave tunnel.

The group began to walk in one direction of the tunnel. Their travels continually brought them to more and more bones. Eventually piles of bones littered the tunnel. Bavak was the first to notice the sound of something ahead. He cautioned the group he had definitely heard something. The group slowed its advance and spread out.

After a short advance, the rest of the group heard the sounds as well. They strained and could hear the sound of bones being shoved or dropped. Before long they could now hear the thump thump of something large walking.

Bavak extinguished his luminescent body and left Neon in the dark who walked into a pile of bones. From ahead they could hear the thumping exit the tunnel to the left and suddenly begin to get closer from an opening nearby.

Neon froze as Bavak ran by with Thom close behind telling the paladin to hide. Neon charged after his companions blindly in the dark. Bavak noticed first sliding to a halt before the drop off into darkness and Thom hearing the slide began to stop as well. The two if them dove behind a large pile of bones as the paladin slid late and over the edge where his armored hands somehow caught him.

Bavak peek out from the bones and asked Thom what he was looking at. Neither one of them believing what they may be seeing. Neon behind them carefully lifted himself up to the edge and saw it. A massive thirty foot long triceratops like beast. The creature shove bones out of the side tunnel and sniffed the air.

The paladin lowered himself and whispered that it looked like a Tarrasque. Thom’s head reeled with the horror stories collected from all of the bards he had heard sing of the ancient ultimate beast of destruction. He though of all these stories and his next move was to flee.

Thom readied a flight spell and ran for the edge of the drop off. He lept from the side and grabbed Neon on the way down. He never even look back to see Bavak hot on his heels or or to see the beast roar with fury at the sight of intruders.

The tarrasque charged down the side passage and met the group at the bottom of the thirty foot drop off. Thom turned his direction of travel to go back up and found he creature had reduced his flight capabilities. The group grabbed the rock wall of the thirty foot drop at around twenty feet. A snort of air behind them let them know the tarrasque was about to charge.

The Hands of Pelor

The group watched the island motes of the Hestavar gradually dissolve into the distance. The fresh sea air refreshed their senses and for the first time in a while Thom felt at ease traveling across the water.

After nearly thirty minutes of flight the skiff driver turned around and pointed to a rough looking hand drawn map. He told them that Giounne had prepared the map for him and instructed him to take them out to a certain point of the Salts.
He then pointed to the direction of their travels and let the group know that the map led them into a massive storm ahead.

He continued the course of travel and was forced to lower his flying altitude to accommodate more visibility. The seas below the group was a raging torrent of waves. Without warning a massive wall of water raised out of the sea and the skiff driver pulled into a hard climb.

It was no use. The wall of water slammed into the small skiff smashing it to bits and throwing its passengers into the water below. Neon was completely disoriented and would have most likely swam to the bottom of the sea if not for the friendly hand of Bavak who pulled him to the surface.

With the monks help the two of them found a portion of ground surrounded by a whirling water wall that seemed to magically keep the water back. From out of the spinning water, a massive humanoid of cracked blackened stone skin that stepped into the area. Lightning danced across the sky, and similar electricity covered the surface of the creatures skin. In the center of the enormous creatures chest was a seal made from the combined symbols of Erathis, Ioun, and Pelor. The creature roared receiving a lightning bolt from the sky into its body and exploded sparks into the area surrounding it throwing Neon right up to the flowing water.

Suddenly Thom was thrown out of the raging sea and tumbling onto the sandy area. The group stood before the former herald of Huer-Ket. The raging storm Titan Nakheten. The fight began and was long. Thom found that each time it seemed that his healing magic was winning against the titans slamming electrical attacks a moment later either he or his companions would be on the brink of death.

Final as the group had all but given up to the titans ferocity, Bavak delivered several masterfully delivered punches and the Titan fell to the sand. After it fell, the blackened seal on its chest disintegrated and there in the cavity where a heart should be, lay the dark tome. Neon ran to the fallen Titan and grabbed the book quickly into a holding sack just before the surrounding water closed in.

Above the group the sky lightened the clouds dissipated and the sun shone again on them. The group made little discussion before beginning to swim back towards the direction of Hestavar. Luck was with them as a ship with Guionne on board sailed up and retrieved the group from the briny water.

Guionne was eager to look upon the book and grilled the group on details about their travels since the morning. The ship sailed for an hour before Guionne paid the captain to drop the group off outside of town and leave him a row boat. The group rowed ashore and Guionne demanded to see the book after all of his help.

Neon refused to allow the small devil to touch the book and Guionne revealed twenty plus hiding demons in the surrounding rocks. This time demanding that Neon simply give him the book of vile darkness.

A flash of light filled the entire beach and the surrounding demons screamed in pain. When the group regained their vision, all of the demons lay dead around them. Guionne quivered in front of them looking up and three massive humanoids in front of him. Two women and a man in the center, the scholarly looking women waved her hand and exclaimed "Begone servent of Asmodious. With that the small devil was gone leaving the slight smell of brimstone.

The three beings turned out to be the three deities responsible for the creation of Hestivar. Pelor, Erathis, and Ioun discussed what to do with the group and even allowed them to explain their actions. Pelor took the book of vile darkness from Neon and told them that they would have to prove their worth to him. He declared the group would be his new hands, and would travel to the cathedral of Aurosion. Once there, they would travel to the last discovered location of Bahumet and use the essence of a wish to bring him back from the dead. The group agreed and the three gods disappeared after warning them that is they failed, they would never again see them or the book again.

The group was left feeling a new heavy burden. But for the first time in a long while they felt pride as they were fighting for the good guys.

Memar and the Bell

When they awoke in the apartment, they were greeted by Guionne who had brought them fresh baked goods and information. The devil let them know that the last seal was inside the Dawn Bell Bastion. He also let them know that the bastion was on alert and would be hard to defeat. Guionne also revealed that he had further researched the final seal and let them know that it was in the Salts sea. He believed that the final seal had to do with a raging Titan trapped there by Pelor. The Titan he told them was a former herald of Huer-Ket.

The group said goodbye and thank you to Guionne and decided to disguise themselves before traveling to the Bastion. After dipping into Thom’s disguise kit, they traveled again via their private skiff to a few blocks from the bastion.

At Bavak’s suggestion, the group split their entrances by a few minutes each. Thom led the way and entered the tall towers and found himself inside a zen like garden filled with angels. He made a quick look around looking for the third seal and found nothing inside the area. Through an opposite exit, he spied two neighboring towers connected by bridges spanning a 100 foot drop.

Neon entered the area and saw Thom eyeing the tallest tower from a doorway across the room. He did his best to discover any hint of a seal in the area, but found nothing.

Last Bavak entered the tower. He entered and immediately was spotted as suspicious by the guards. The deva’s deceptiveness was pathetic as it was counter to his very nature. Neon stepped into the conversation that would surely give away Bavak’s identity and was able to bluff the angel guard into believing that Bavak was a monk breaking a vow of silence. The guard asked that the paladin keep track of him for the rest of his stay.

As the two made their way across the room, Thom exited toward the largest tower. The two followed just in time to see the bard enter the tower and soon followed him to the top.

At the top of the largest tower at the bastion, sat the Dawnbell. A massive bell covered in angelic carvings and sitting on its stand in the center of the top floor. Beside the bell was the single largest angel the group had yet to see. The group spread out and Neon once again made his way casually toward the bell. Suddenly, Neon drew his weapon and slammed it into the bell causing a deafening gong sound.

The massive angel declared itself Memar protecting angel charged by Pelor himself to defend the bell. Smaller angels poured in from outside the tower charging the group. Thom and Neon combined their efforts toward defeating Memar while Bavak blitzed the weaker angels.

The fight took the group airborne fighting the angel using flight spells outside the tower to avoid the debilitating effects of the bell that continued to ring damaging the group every few seconds.

Neon delivered the final blow that sent Memar one hundred feet down to the earth with a splat and behind them, the bell chimed its last before cracking and falling from its holder.

Thom drew out the skiff drivers summoning card and moments later the driver grabbed them hardly slowing down claiming to have just outrun angel guards.
The skiff driver directed his boat out to sea and Hestivar was behind them.

Safety Never Felt so Dangerous

Neon braced himself and met the dwarfs attack sure that he could take on any dwarf in history one on one. However, moments later, group of civilians ran in the melee from the surrounding crowds. Several other dwarves appeared and joined the city guard. Thom joined Neons side to repel the onslaught, while Bavak became a blur of punches and kicks that devastated the attacking citizens.

The fight was not a long one and ended when the leather tough dwarf finally fell from the combined blows of the three companions. Upon the dwarf hitting the ground, the seal in the center of the square split with a loud crack. The city alarms were sounded and Thom used the summoning card and minutes later the skiff driver pulled up and flew the group from the area.

Thom handed the driver the address of the safe house that Guionne had given him. The group soon found themselves in a bare two room apartment. They ate pack food and slept on the floor.

Neons Big Plan

The group performed the prayer to Ioun ritual again and found that themselves outside in the street alley. Bavak’s keen senses had picked up on some out of view conversation. The group hid in the alley while listening to a group of angel guards question citizens about their groups whereabouts.

Before long the angel guards took flight above them and failed to notice their location. Thom wove his bardic magic around the group creating a veil of disguise. The group did their best to act normal. Soon after following Bavak, they were impeded by a road block of angels who were checking each citizen who passed.

Thom was confident that his magic would be sufficient to fool the guards. However, a heated discussion between two nearby crowd members, Neon was forced to reveal himself as a follower of Deldorn.

However, the discussion with the Dwarf a fellow Deldorn worshipper went lightly and the dwarf revealed nothing about the group when questioned. Thom’s magic disguises wavered for a moment as the guard checked his shoe, but stabilized before he could notice. The group passed through without incident.

Bavak let the group know that though in a series of alleyways, they had reached the market district. Thom wondered why what was historically a busy market area was so quiet. Bavak shouted that there were enemies on roof. Demons lept down onto the group.

Led by a large devil the demons quickly surrounded the group and their ranks were supported by a couple of Dragonkin. Nets dropped on the group charged with magic that weakened and slowed their response. Bavak however dodged the attack and unleashed flurry of kicks that began to drop the demons one after another.

Thom and Neon committed their efforts to the large demon and after many blows back and forth were able to end the creatures life. The rest of the ambushing squad fell quickly without their leader to support them. Bavak questioned why a group if demons was inside the city of Hestivar.

The group traveled to the center of the market square. Upon arrival, they found that the square was well guarded with many angel guards posted nearby. They also discovered that the square had a decorative center that was the very symbol of Erathis.

Thom and Bavak struggled with a method of dealing with the seal without drawing the guards attention. Neon decided on a plan that made both Thom and Bavak step back before he put it into place. Neon walked over to a cart selling flowers and bought a bouquet for a platinum piece.

Neon strode calmly to the center of the square casually smelling his fresh bouquet. Once he was directly over the seal of Erathis, he suddenly exclaimed “spider!” and dropped the flowers to the ground. Neon pulled his sword loose from the scabbard and charged it with the divine electricity of Deldorn. Neon slammed the sword through the flowers and into the seal. Stone chips launched upwards, but the seal held.

A flash of light stole the attention away from Neon. A heavily armored dwarf appeared near Neon on top of the seal. He regarded Neon a moment and said, “Well son, I hope your actions are worth the cost.” The dwarf hefted his warhammer and charged.

Riddle Me This

The group stood in the now empty library and listened hard to see if they could discern what might be coming next. The only sound was the trickling water of the center pool as it calmed to rest. Bavak and Neon pressed their ears to the closed door and heard nothing from the other side. Thom took note that the craftsmanship of the door was perfect and no air or light passed through it.

Neon summoned his courage and entered the room beyond with bravado. However, his brash entrance was not appreciated by the elderly scholar and the large human headed cat who stood next to him.

During the confrontation that ensued, the elderly man continually teleported around the room and polymorphed them into various small animals, while the sphinx infected their minds with various riddles.

Finally after much fighting, the group overcame the foes and the seal of Ioun on the far wall broke in two with a loud snap. The group regain their composure and after a brief discussion, decided to travel to the market district to find the seal of Erathis.

No Chance to Explain?

Thom asked what had happened to Bahumet and Guionne told him that nobody knew. Thom told the horned man about the book he had come by and let the devilish gentleman look at it. Guionne told them that the book was the diary of a person named Morjunhar and how he working for Tiamat had stole a ritual from a temple of Bahumet and worked together with a lich named Irfelujhar to pervert the ritual so that they could use it. The diary described the ritual taking 10 centuries to complete.

Guionne looked at the group shocked. He told them that if ritual had worked, that Bahumet could have been killed. He also guessed that if the god was flesh, surely he could be raised again. With that, the horned man rushed off wishing the group luck.

The group took to the streets and tried to discover anything about the secret library. After much searching, the group followed a group of book carrying scholars who vanished at the dead end of an alley. Before long they found another group who refused to let them inside, but sold them components to do it themselves before vanishing after saying a small prayer to Ioun and throwing a powder mix into the air.

The group gathered together and threw their powder into the air and appeared inside a small library. Before they could get their bearings, scholars began launching spells across the room. It seemed that the bookworms outside wished to remove a threat without drawing attention.

The group responded with a screaming charge across the library and found the enemies using force spells that kept them at distance. However, brawn won over brains and the final two scholars ran to the end of the chamber and vanished with their powder spell.

Hestavar At Last

The group followed the lead of the bald man who streaked across the beach in a flurry of kicks and punches staggering the dragons with his ferocity. The angels accompanying the dragons stayed in the air and periodically dropped when advantageous position presented itself.

The group stayed their ground and eventually knocked out the foes. The bald man was confused as to why silver dragons had attacked strolling people on the beach. Thom and Neon were equally confused. The stranger asked that Thom assure him that the dragons were attacking and not playing. Thom let him know that he believed the altercation was an aggressive one.

The bald man introduced himself a Bavak a simple man of nature. Thom and Neon returned courtesy and Bavak’s eyes widened as he heard the name Neon. He verified that he was talking to Neon who had been so blessed that he had been revived to life after being slain in the Nine Hells, and also had fallen prey to Slaad parasites on Erishani. Neon confirmed both and Bavak was truely honored to meet someone with so much divine favor.

Bavak let the group know that he had been involved in a strange waking dream when the group approached. He told them that his dream had involved a blackened bound book that was attached to his arms and blackness that flowed from the book up his arms to his chest and began to squeeze his heart. He let them know that their presence had broken the dream and he had not had this vision before.

Thom told Bavak that the book he described sounded like “the book of vile darkness” that Mydiclarius had told them to find. Bavak let them know that listening to a demon is dangerous business. But he told them that he knew the city well and because of his vision would like to help them find the book they seek.

The group made their way to Hestavar and found it to be the most breath taking metropolis they had ever seen. Alabaster buildings everywhere floating on earth motes that continued up into the sky as far as they could see. A cross culture of creatures filled the streets, while angels flew about with beautiful birds in the sky.

Bavak summoned a skiff and Thom paid 15 platinum to fly up to what Bavak called the best library in the universe…the Swan Tower. When the group entered the library, they found that Bavak’s claims were true. They had never beheld the like, it made the Morgrave library look like a small book seller.

Before long in the library it became obvious that without the help of more experienced patrons, they might never find anything about the book they sought. Their bumbling about caught the attention of a horned man named Guionne. Guionne seemed very interested at the idea of finding a book he had never heard of.

The group split up covering any area they could and after a few hours, collectively discovered the the book of vile darkness had been brought to the Hestavar by Pelor Erathis and Ioun. The three gods used the book to put the raging primordial Huer-Ket to sleep. Also, the arch demon Asmodious, had asked that the group keep the book sealed in Hestavar. The three gods each made a seal that would be the foundations of a fourth seal that held the book. The seals were located in a hidden library, the market of Methione, and in the Dawn Bell Bastian. The fourth seal was located in a dangerous area of Hestavar known as the salts.

After finding out about the groups intention to interfere with the gods, Guionne offered two of his apartments in the city as safe houses if anything went wrong. Thom took the addresses and thanked the man. As Guionne prepared to leave, Bavak inquired if the horned man knew why they would be attacked by silver dragons. Guionne replied that every thing had gone crazy since what happened to Bahumet.

Thom asked what had happened. Guionne replied, Bahumet is dead.


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