SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

No Chance to Explain?

Thom asked what had happened to Bahumet and Guionne told him that nobody knew. Thom told the horned man about the book he had come by and let the devilish gentleman look at it. Guionne told them that the book was the diary of a person named Morjunhar and how he working for Tiamat had stole a ritual from a temple of Bahumet and worked together with a lich named Irfelujhar to pervert the ritual so that they could use it. The diary described the ritual taking 10 centuries to complete.

Guionne looked at the group shocked. He told them that if ritual had worked, that Bahumet could have been killed. He also guessed that if the god was flesh, surely he could be raised again. With that, the horned man rushed off wishing the group luck.

The group took to the streets and tried to discover anything about the secret library. After much searching, the group followed a group of book carrying scholars who vanished at the dead end of an alley. Before long they found another group who refused to let them inside, but sold them components to do it themselves before vanishing after saying a small prayer to Ioun and throwing a powder mix into the air.

The group gathered together and threw their powder into the air and appeared inside a small library. Before they could get their bearings, scholars began launching spells across the room. It seemed that the bookworms outside wished to remove a threat without drawing attention.

The group responded with a screaming charge across the library and found the enemies using force spells that kept them at distance. However, brawn won over brains and the final two scholars ran to the end of the chamber and vanished with their powder spell.

Hestavar At Last

The group followed the lead of the bald man who streaked across the beach in a flurry of kicks and punches staggering the dragons with his ferocity. The angels accompanying the dragons stayed in the air and periodically dropped when advantageous position presented itself.

The group stayed their ground and eventually knocked out the foes. The bald man was confused as to why silver dragons had attacked strolling people on the beach. Thom and Neon were equally confused. The stranger asked that Thom assure him that the dragons were attacking and not playing. Thom let him know that he believed the altercation was an aggressive one.

The bald man introduced himself a Bavak a simple man of nature. Thom and Neon returned courtesy and Bavak’s eyes widened as he heard the name Neon. He verified that he was talking to Neon who had been so blessed that he had been revived to life after being slain in the Nine Hells, and also had fallen prey to Slaad parasites on Erishani. Neon confirmed both and Bavak was truely honored to meet someone with so much divine favor.

Bavak let the group know that he had been involved in a strange waking dream when the group approached. He told them that his dream had involved a blackened bound book that was attached to his arms and blackness that flowed from the book up his arms to his chest and began to squeeze his heart. He let them know that their presence had broken the dream and he had not had this vision before.

Thom told Bavak that the book he described sounded like “the book of vile darkness” that Mydiclarius had told them to find. Bavak let them know that listening to a demon is dangerous business. But he told them that he knew the city well and because of his vision would like to help them find the book they seek.

The group made their way to Hestavar and found it to be the most breath taking metropolis they had ever seen. Alabaster buildings everywhere floating on earth motes that continued up into the sky as far as they could see. A cross culture of creatures filled the streets, while angels flew about with beautiful birds in the sky.

Bavak summoned a skiff and Thom paid 15 platinum to fly up to what Bavak called the best library in the universe…the Swan Tower. When the group entered the library, they found that Bavak’s claims were true. They had never beheld the like, it made the Morgrave library look like a small book seller.

Before long in the library it became obvious that without the help of more experienced patrons, they might never find anything about the book they sought. Their bumbling about caught the attention of a horned man named Guionne. Guionne seemed very interested at the idea of finding a book he had never heard of.

The group split up covering any area they could and after a few hours, collectively discovered the the book of vile darkness had been brought to the Hestavar by Pelor Erathis and Ioun. The three gods used the book to put the raging primordial Huer-Ket to sleep. Also, the arch demon Asmodious, had asked that the group keep the book sealed in Hestavar. The three gods each made a seal that would be the foundations of a fourth seal that held the book. The seals were located in a hidden library, the market of Methione, and in the Dawn Bell Bastian. The fourth seal was located in a dangerous area of Hestavar known as the salts.

After finding out about the groups intention to interfere with the gods, Guionne offered two of his apartments in the city as safe houses if anything went wrong. Thom took the addresses and thanked the man. As Guionne prepared to leave, Bavak inquired if the horned man knew why they would be attacked by silver dragons. Guionne replied that every thing had gone crazy since what happened to Bahumet.

Thom asked what had happened. Guionne replied, Bahumet is dead.

Goodbye Nobel Rogue

Vescallian met with the group early the next morning for breakfast. He had the group split up the earnings from the last few days and thanked them. The rogue told the group that he had been awarded a position under vlaakith’s new rule. He thanked them for traveling with him and proceeded to teach Thom about astral travel.

Before he left the inn, Vescallian told the group that he would send someone to meet with them who had been to Hestavar before and could help them with the planar ritual and also gave them a gift from Vlaakith. The gift was a ancient looking book that she had said might help them in their travels. With that, the githyanki rogue to retire from piracy.

A couple of hours later a elderly female githyanki entered the inn and over a meal of vegetable soup introduced herself as Wretched. She offered to travel with the group to Hestavar for 15,000 gold. The group agreed despite her off putting appearance. Thom brought out the ancient looking book and began to study it and with the help of Wretched was able to at least figure out that it was a diary describing the procedure and procurement of a ritual and ingredients that would summon Bahumet into a physical form.

The group made their way to the docks and boarded the Crusty Wench. Once on board, Wretched took the helm and expertly maneuvered the craft through the traffic and into the sea. The elderly githyanki pulled the ritual crystal free from the helm and inserted it with a crunch into the socket and the sea in front of the group wavered and the ship passed through and into a warm climate of islands and beaches.

Wretched landed the Wench on the beach and bid the group farewell letting them know that the city was two miles in the opposite direction from which she traveled. The paid the old women and she wobbled off away from them.

Neon and Thom locked up the Wench tight and travel in the direction the old women had pointed. The had walk for around thirty minutes before coming upon a strange shaved bald man staring at the sky. As they approached the man they noticed his eyes were closed as if simply soaking up the warm sea breeze or the ambience of the birds that called near by. However, when they got near, his eyes snapped open still looking at the sky, and he warned them to draw their weapons.

A silver glint amongst the clouds caught their eyes and a moment later two silver dragons and a host of angels dove to the beach and charged the group.

The Payday

Neon and Thom only paused a brief moment after the rogue Vescallian vanished into the rotating wall before grabbing the revealed lever themselves and spinning the wall again taking them into the hidden chamber.

When the floor stopped moving, the two of them found Vescallian squatting low near a curved set of stairs holding his finger to his lips. Thom tip toed to Vescallian while Neon froze in place so as not to give them away with his loud armor. The group could over hear a light argument going on in the tower above them between an unseen male, and a red dragon that the group could barely catch a glimpse of.

The group decided that it must be Zetch’r’r above them and sent Neon up to act like he was supposed to be there. The paladin ascended the stair casually and came before the huge dragon who sat blocking the stairs up on a massive pile of treasure. He looked up and could see the emperor seated on a throne a floor up due to the entire center of the floor being open.

The dragon alerted the emperor to the intruder and Neon tried to convince him that he was delivering a message and that the dragon should let him pass. Zetch’r’r told Neon that the dragon was free to hear any message and he should speak it. Neon declared the his deity would like their service. Zetch’r’r asked if the deity was present. Neon said that he was everywhere and the emperor told the dragon and several servants to kill the messenger.

Neon and Vescallian were assaulted by the dragon and forced to the bottom floor. Flew to the second floor and met the charge of four handmaidens to the emperor. The bard made little work of the zealous servants dispatching them in but a few seconds. He then made his way down to help his overwhelmed companions.

Out of the ether the emperor appeared near the dragon and attacked beside the beast. The group already stretched to their limit could barely stand up to the power of the two enemies. Vescallian fell unconscious from sword blows from the emperor and was barely able to stand again even with Thom’s magic. Neon’s wounds came dangerously close to taking him as he endured blow after blow to protect the damaged teammates.

The dragon began shows the results of countless wounds and the emperor told the creature to flee. It lowered it defenses and spread its massive wings the three adventurers attacked the fleeing creature and it never made it more than a couple of feet off the ground before falling back down with a loud thump in a pool of its own blood.

The emperor after witnessing his escape plan cut down, attacked with renewed vigor. However, numbers were not on his side and only a minute or two of back and forth left the leader fallen. Thom grabbed the scepter from Zetch’r’r’s belt.

Above the group they heard a thump and the sound of stone crumbling. Voices called down from above and demanded that the group ascend to the top and meet with Vlaakith. Vescallian got wide eyed and called up that they would be there soon. He then ushered the group to the dragons hoard on the second floor where Thom and Neon stuffed coins and gems into every pocket they possessed.

When the group came to the top floor standing on the platform was Vlaakith. The githyanki leader put her open hand out and demanded that the group give her the scepter. Thom asked why and she replied that the fighting would end if they gave it to her. Thom sensed that she was telling the truth, but worried about the way it would happen.

Vlaakith turned and stepped onto the ship that had brought her to the chapel tower. The group only noticed as she boarded that they were looking at the improved Crusty Wench. At the helm, Xixix waved for them to board and dismissed two githyanki guards from the sails and invited Thom to join him while Neon and Vescallian replaced the guards.

The train flew away from he tower and high across Tu’narath. The battle around them seemed to notice them and let them pass without reaction. During the flight, Xixix explained the new features of the train revealing that it was now a Spelljammer. He then told Thom the cost to fix the ship was over three million gold and that he would forget the cost if they would give him Faarlungs Orb. He swore that he could control it now and convinced the bard to make the trade.

The conversation ended quickly as Xixix pulled the train into a hover inches above the ground at the mouth of a giant cave in the cliffs surrounding the city. Vlaakith stepped down to the cliff and moments later an enormous red dragon emerged from the cave. Vlaakith smashed the scepter on the ground and declared that the pact had ended. The dragon told her that they would cease the attack and leave but would from now on be enemies.

Over one hundred dragons emerged from nearby caves some clutching scorched eggs and flew into the astral sea as the ones fighting in the sky above turned away and joined them. Vlaakith let the group know that they were free to stay in the city as long as they liked and could keep all of their recovered treasure.

The following morning, Vescallian and the group divided the treasure from the chapel during breakfast. He told Thom that Vlaakith had ordered the chapel destroyed and had reached out to the githzerai letting them know that the long pact with Tiamat had been dissolved. The githzerai had responded by scheduling a meeting with Vlaakith to discuss peace.

Vescallian told the group that had helped change the path of his race and would be spoke of with reverence. He also let them know that he was not going with them and he planned to retire. He spent a few moments teaching Thom about traversing the astral sea, telling the bard that you just had to concentrate on where you want to be and follow the brightest star.

Before he left, Vescallian told the group that he knew they needed someone who had been to Hestavar before to make their planar jump and said he knew someone he could send over.

The group watched the rogue leave the Mourning Star Inn and looked at their share of the treasure. Gold value of the haul was over three million. The rogue had told the truth. This city of pirates held a lot of treasure.


The githyanki guard drew his weapon and was joined by a nearby fellow guard. The githyanki swelled into the corridor and the group waded into a bloodbath of guards. Before the group was finished, they had killed nine guards in a fifteen foot area.

Beyond the dead, the group found the rough barracks of the guards before continuing north through the chapel. In the north west chamber, the group fought and defeated a blue dragon and a large shadow creature.

In the following chamber, they discovered a statue of Tiamat guarded by two ghosts and two githyanki. The githyanki used psychic attacks to slow the group and even were able to temporarily knock out Thom. However, the enemies were not prepared when the bard rejoined the fight and took the odds back.

After the enemies were dead, Neon took a closer look at the statue and was attacked by the object that burn him and pushed him away. Thom tried a more cautious approach and as he neared was also burn and pushed away. Vescallian tip toed up to the statue and touched it receiving no attack. He looked the statue over and noticed nothing special.

Thom and Neon decided that attacking statues had to have a special purpose and commenced to destroying the icon of Tiamat. After making sure that the statue could not continue attacking them, what they had left was a mechanism that once inside the statue now stuck straight up in the air connected to a pressure switch.

Thom and Neon nudged Vescallian to press the button and the rogue worriedly pressed the button. The floor beneath the rogues feet rotated with the wall and Thom and Neon found themselves rogueless.

Tiamat's Chapel

The chapel entry was inhabited by a ghastly spine that hung floating in the air. The group approached the spine and were attacked from the sides by shadowy figures. The spine flew at them and began a paralyzing necrotic attack the slowed their response.

After many blows exchanged back and forth, the shadows return to the darkness they emerged from and the spine fell to the floor. In between the vertebrae, the group discovered gem stones that they removed. Upon closer inspection, Thom was sure he could sense some sort of evil energy still trapped inside the gems. Vescallian grabbed the stone despite the groups reservations and pocketed them.

Vescallian carefully peeked through the door into the next chamber and relayed that it was very hot and the waves of heat made it hard to see across. The group entered and were beset by two large red dragons who flew across the massive chamber. The group found themselves more than a match for the creatures ending their lives with more time than blood.

At the other side of the chamber, Vescallian and Neon discovered the dragons hoard, a pile of coins and gems. Vescallian reminded the group that he had said that this would be a lucrative adventure.

The group returned to the south end of the chamber and entered the east door. In the room beyond, they matched steel to bone destroying a large skeletal dragon and his freezing attacks. After the fight, the group discovered another pile of coins. Vescallian joyfully exclaimed that he loved killing dragons.

The group made their way back to the main chamber an opened the door to the west. On the other side of the door a githyanki guard screamed to alert others of the intruders.

Prison Break

The dragon riders in the hanger lept onto their mounts as the githyanki filled skiff launched out of the entrance and into the astral sea. The group scrambled onto the remaining skiff killing many of the dock workers who tried to impede them.

The dragons moved in and attacked the group while blocking the skiff from leaving. Vascallian grabbed the controls of the skiff and rammed the skiff into the red dragon who stood its ground ceasing the skiffs escape.

Vlaakith blasted the dragons and riders with psychic energy stifling their movement. Thom and Neon beat more of the dock workers free from the sides of the skiff. Vascallian jammed the controls full ahead this time catching the immobile dragon off guard and knocked it backwards breaking free from its claws. The vessel left the docks in hot persuit of the escaping skiff.

The lead skiff directed its path in a straight line towards Tu’narath as Vascallian pulled near with both dragons close behind. Neon immediately launched his armor laden body across to the neighboring skiff cutting down the nearest githyanki. The githyanki nearest the front of the skiff threw a flaming pot of oil onto the groups skiff catching the rear of their boat on fire. The dragons pulled up on both sides of the skiff and began to trade blows with the trapped skiff.

Vlaakith and Vascallian paired up behind Thom and the three of them focused in on the outside dragon. Neon easily dealt with the last two githyanki on the skiff and proceeded to force the dragons attack him. Thom was quick to heal his companions when they needed it. The group witnessed Vlaakith prove herself in the battle looking no worse for the wear as she mentally assaulted the dragons and riders alike.

The final dragon rider and stead found themselves unable to continue their assault and lost consciousness tumbling to the center of Tu’narath. The group jumped to the other skiff and Thom directed it into the incoming market traffic they had been a part of the day prior.

Thom steered the ship and entered the market docks by hiding along side a larger ship and breaking free at the last second. Once on the docks, they were met by separatists and ushered quickly to the inn.

A meeting was called in the morning. Vlaakith led the meeting allowing the group to sway the separatists to rise against Zetch’r’r. The group found out that Zetch’r’r had locked down the city and held public executions killing and replacing his tower guards who had failed to respond quick enough and replaced them. The group made several successful arguments for the uprising including the former illithid control, weakness of the emperors security at current moment, and Tiamats history of betrayal.

The separatists were swayed and the group made plans with the activists to distract Zetch’r’rs guards while the group assaulted his chapel.

The group found the chapel in the center of Vlaakiths palace ruins. Outside the building a large statue of Gith lay smashed on the ground. Cautiously the group entered the chapel and walked into an entry chamber finding the room lit by ever burning torches and a ghostly looking spine floating across the chamber in front of double doors.

Gith Reborn?

The group readied themselves outside the doorstep in the prison. Vascallian had just informed them of the githyanki women trapped in an energy field surrounded by an angel, and a demon. Neon busted the door open and the robed demon raised a wall of heated iron in between them and himself. Obscured creatures covered in thorny barbs attacked from each side of the door.

The angel brandished a massive sword and began to attack. After a lot of struggle, the group defeated the enemies and Thom and Vascallian teamed up to dispel the field releasing the prisoner. Once free, the women righted herself and told them that she was Vlaakith 183. She explained to the group that she had been kidnapped because the angel had believed that she was Gith the savior of the githyanki. She let them know that she didn’t know this for sure. However, the group concluded that at the least, Gith had escaped he nine hells prison and broken the pact with Tiamat.

The group quickly made their way back to the top of the tower and after handing his dock clothes to Vlaakith, placed Neon into the crate they left up top and went down the series of ramps to the dock level ending beside a set of stairs leading into the floor and down to the dragon roost and ship hanger.

Cautiously Thom, Vascallian and Vlaakith descended the stairs and entered the lower docks. Almost immediately they were tasked by a couple of dragon riders to stop standing around and begin loading the skiff nearest them. The three of them began loading boxes when one of the dragon riders got a closer look at Vlaakith. He ordered the githyanki workers to capture her.

Separatist Trouble

The group awoke the next morning and went to the inn restaurant to have breakfast. While there, they noticed that the common room doors were closed and hushed mummering was coming from the other side. Vascallian made his way to the door and began to pick the lock as Thom positioned himself to cover the action. A couple of clicks later, and the door opened. Vascallian peeked inside and found a table full of githyanki staring at him. One of the men stood up and introduced himself as Gharvag then invited the group both the rogue, Mayhem and Thom inside.

Gharvag was the cloaked man who led them to the inn the day prior. He told them he had witnessed their fight and wondered what had happened to their group that had been sent to Citadel Mercane. Mayhem explained the ambush and the investigation that led them to believe that Zetch’r’r had known about their travels.

The conversation turned toward the removal of Zetch’r’r and the githyanki breaking their alliance with Tiamat. The group was told that there would be not uprising unless the githyanki had a leader that they could trust. The separatists went on to inform the group that their last leader Vlaakith 183 had been taken prisoner and was being held on a floating citadel enclosure above the city. They told the group that Vlaakith would be the best hope of rallying the people against Zetch’r’r.

The separatists arranged for the group to travel to the prison letting them know that the action was considered suicidal.

The group traveled to the merchant district docks and were directed by a couple of dock workers to a nearby warehouse. Once inside, they were introduced to Captain Turtarus. He let them know that he was providing a one way trip to the prison and that they had to find their own way back. He also informed them that he expected them to make evidence of their infiltration method point toward a competitor of his.

The group agreed and were packed into a shipping crate and loaded onto captain Turtarus’s ship. Along the journey the group was lucky when inspected by dragon riders, their crate was not one that was inspected.

After they arrived at the prison, their crate was offloaded into a shipping barn and Turtarus left quickly. They carefully opened the crate to not attract attention, then inspected the area. They spotted the main prison building and hatched a plan to enter. The group decided to disable a few dock workers and steel their yellow colored suits and use their disguise to infiltrate the building from the upper entrance.

After waiting a few minutes, the group had ambushed three dock workers and pulled their coveralls snugly over their armor. The group grabbed a box on a cart and began pushing it to the top of the prison. They were stopped by the dock manager who asked them many questions. Vascallian quickly talked himself out of trouble letting the manager know that the gourds he was transporting were delicious if prepared properly, his name was Thom was not pronounced “Tom”, and that though he shared the name of a famous bard he didn’t believe all the stories he had heard about the bard.

Upon reaching the top of the building, Thom and Vascallian talked a couple of workers into allowing them to finish their work for them. Minutes later, the group was inside the main prison. They looked around the floor a bit and drew the attention of a floor guard who they ambushed and incapacitated.

The group decided to descend further down into the prison after not seeing Vlaakith on the circular level. On the next floor down, the group found a training area for the guards and some storage for the facility. Vascallian picked a pair of locked door and found in the room beyond a githyanki women held inside an energy field with an angel and a demon standing next to her. The demon was interrogating her in harsh whispers that the woman stoically ignored.

Tu'narath's Welcome

The group boarded the ship of the cold shouldered Captain Jladimir early the next day. During the trip, the group witnessed the strength of the Githyanki city in its many warships and dragon riders that filled the space above. Mayhem revealed to the group that he was actually a ratavasta and also a hire on by the separatists.

When the ship got close to the city, a group of dragon riders slowed their advance and one of the riders landed on board and gave close inspection of cargo and passengers. However, the papers that the captain had given the group passed the scrutiny and soon they were dropped into the reformed Pirate city of Tu’narath.

After landing the group briefly split up and hit the streets to find information about the separatists. During which, they learned a bit about the emperor Ketchr’r. The former pirate lair warlord turned Tiamat loyalist who had imprisoned a former leader named Vlaakith. However, it seemed like they had been a little too open with their questions when a group of angels led by a massive dragon like humanoid trapped the group in a square and attacked them.

The group dispatched the angels and were able to withstand the large dragon beasts blows long enough to kill the creature. Afterwards, they looted the bodies and found little but a sack of coins. When they looked up, the crowd had filled in again and Thom noticed a robed githyanki who was looking at them. The three of them made haste and kept up with the hooded man using Vescallians similar guile trailing him into a unmarked inn.

The inn was owned by a lovely tiefling in a red dress named Rhapsody. She instantly recognized the famous Thom and offered him a free room. She then charged Vescallian and Neon 10 gold each.


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