SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Prison Break

The dragon riders in the hanger lept onto their mounts as the githyanki filled skiff launched out of the entrance and into the astral sea. The group scrambled onto the remaining skiff killing many of the dock workers who tried to impede them.

The dragons moved in and attacked the group while blocking the skiff from leaving. Vascallian grabbed the controls of the skiff and rammed the skiff into the red dragon who stood its ground ceasing the skiffs escape.

Vlaakith blasted the dragons and riders with psychic energy stifling their movement. Thom and Neon beat more of the dock workers free from the sides of the skiff. Vascallian jammed the controls full ahead this time catching the immobile dragon off guard and knocked it backwards breaking free from its claws. The vessel left the docks in hot persuit of the escaping skiff.

The lead skiff directed its path in a straight line towards Tu’narath as Vascallian pulled near with both dragons close behind. Neon immediately launched his armor laden body across to the neighboring skiff cutting down the nearest githyanki. The githyanki nearest the front of the skiff threw a flaming pot of oil onto the groups skiff catching the rear of their boat on fire. The dragons pulled up on both sides of the skiff and began to trade blows with the trapped skiff.

Vlaakith and Vascallian paired up behind Thom and the three of them focused in on the outside dragon. Neon easily dealt with the last two githyanki on the skiff and proceeded to force the dragons attack him. Thom was quick to heal his companions when they needed it. The group witnessed Vlaakith prove herself in the battle looking no worse for the wear as she mentally assaulted the dragons and riders alike.

The final dragon rider and stead found themselves unable to continue their assault and lost consciousness tumbling to the center of Tu’narath. The group jumped to the other skiff and Thom directed it into the incoming market traffic they had been a part of the day prior.

Thom steered the ship and entered the market docks by hiding along side a larger ship and breaking free at the last second. Once on the docks, they were met by separatists and ushered quickly to the inn.

A meeting was called in the morning. Vlaakith led the meeting allowing the group to sway the separatists to rise against Zetch’r’r. The group found out that Zetch’r’r had locked down the city and held public executions killing and replacing his tower guards who had failed to respond quick enough and replaced them. The group made several successful arguments for the uprising including the former illithid control, weakness of the emperors security at current moment, and Tiamats history of betrayal.

The separatists were swayed and the group made plans with the activists to distract Zetch’r’rs guards while the group assaulted his chapel.

The group found the chapel in the center of Vlaakiths palace ruins. Outside the building a large statue of Gith lay smashed on the ground. Cautiously the group entered the chapel and walked into an entry chamber finding the room lit by ever burning torches and a ghostly looking spine floating across the chamber in front of double doors.

Gith Reborn?

The group readied themselves outside the doorstep in the prison. Vascallian had just informed them of the githyanki women trapped in an energy field surrounded by an angel, and a demon. Neon busted the door open and the robed demon raised a wall of heated iron in between them and himself. Obscured creatures covered in thorny barbs attacked from each side of the door.

The angel brandished a massive sword and began to attack. After a lot of struggle, the group defeated the enemies and Thom and Vascallian teamed up to dispel the field releasing the prisoner. Once free, the women righted herself and told them that she was Vlaakith 183. She explained to the group that she had been kidnapped because the angel had believed that she was Gith the savior of the githyanki. She let them know that she didn’t know this for sure. However, the group concluded that at the least, Gith had escaped he nine hells prison and broken the pact with Tiamat.

The group quickly made their way back to the top of the tower and after handing his dock clothes to Vlaakith, placed Neon into the crate they left up top and went down the series of ramps to the dock level ending beside a set of stairs leading into the floor and down to the dragon roost and ship hanger.

Cautiously Thom, Vascallian and Vlaakith descended the stairs and entered the lower docks. Almost immediately they were tasked by a couple of dragon riders to stop standing around and begin loading the skiff nearest them. The three of them began loading boxes when one of the dragon riders got a closer look at Vlaakith. He ordered the githyanki workers to capture her.

Separatist Trouble

The group awoke the next morning and went to the inn restaurant to have breakfast. While there, they noticed that the common room doors were closed and hushed mummering was coming from the other side. Vascallian made his way to the door and began to pick the lock as Thom positioned himself to cover the action. A couple of clicks later, and the door opened. Vascallian peeked inside and found a table full of githyanki staring at him. One of the men stood up and introduced himself as Gharvag then invited the group both the rogue, Mayhem and Thom inside.

Gharvag was the cloaked man who led them to the inn the day prior. He told them he had witnessed their fight and wondered what had happened to their group that had been sent to Citadel Mercane. Mayhem explained the ambush and the investigation that led them to believe that Zetch’r’r had known about their travels.

The conversation turned toward the removal of Zetch’r’r and the githyanki breaking their alliance with Tiamat. The group was told that there would be not uprising unless the githyanki had a leader that they could trust. The separatists went on to inform the group that their last leader Vlaakith 183 had been taken prisoner and was being held on a floating citadel enclosure above the city. They told the group that Vlaakith would be the best hope of rallying the people against Zetch’r’r.

The separatists arranged for the group to travel to the prison letting them know that the action was considered suicidal.

The group traveled to the merchant district docks and were directed by a couple of dock workers to a nearby warehouse. Once inside, they were introduced to Captain Turtarus. He let them know that he was providing a one way trip to the prison and that they had to find their own way back. He also informed them that he expected them to make evidence of their infiltration method point toward a competitor of his.

The group agreed and were packed into a shipping crate and loaded onto captain Turtarus’s ship. Along the journey the group was lucky when inspected by dragon riders, their crate was not one that was inspected.

After they arrived at the prison, their crate was offloaded into a shipping barn and Turtarus left quickly. They carefully opened the crate to not attract attention, then inspected the area. They spotted the main prison building and hatched a plan to enter. The group decided to disable a few dock workers and steel their yellow colored suits and use their disguise to infiltrate the building from the upper entrance.

After waiting a few minutes, the group had ambushed three dock workers and pulled their coveralls snugly over their armor. The group grabbed a box on a cart and began pushing it to the top of the prison. They were stopped by the dock manager who asked them many questions. Vascallian quickly talked himself out of trouble letting the manager know that the gourds he was transporting were delicious if prepared properly, his name was Thom was not pronounced “Tom”, and that though he shared the name of a famous bard he didn’t believe all the stories he had heard about the bard.

Upon reaching the top of the building, Thom and Vascallian talked a couple of workers into allowing them to finish their work for them. Minutes later, the group was inside the main prison. They looked around the floor a bit and drew the attention of a floor guard who they ambushed and incapacitated.

The group decided to descend further down into the prison after not seeing Vlaakith on the circular level. On the next floor down, the group found a training area for the guards and some storage for the facility. Vascallian picked a pair of locked door and found in the room beyond a githyanki women held inside an energy field with an angel and a demon standing next to her. The demon was interrogating her in harsh whispers that the woman stoically ignored.

Tu'narath's Welcome

The group boarded the ship of the cold shouldered Captain Jladimir early the next day. During the trip, the group witnessed the strength of the Githyanki city in its many warships and dragon riders that filled the space above. Mayhem revealed to the group that he was actually a ratavasta and also a hire on by the separatists.

When the ship got close to the city, a group of dragon riders slowed their advance and one of the riders landed on board and gave close inspection of cargo and passengers. However, the papers that the captain had given the group passed the scrutiny and soon they were dropped into the reformed Pirate city of Tu’narath.

After landing the group briefly split up and hit the streets to find information about the separatists. During which, they learned a bit about the emperor Ketchr’r. The former pirate lair warlord turned Tiamat loyalist who had imprisoned a former leader named Vlaakith. However, it seemed like they had been a little too open with their questions when a group of angels led by a massive dragon like humanoid trapped the group in a square and attacked them.

The group dispatched the angels and were able to withstand the large dragon beasts blows long enough to kill the creature. Afterwards, they looted the bodies and found little but a sack of coins. When they looked up, the crowd had filled in again and Thom noticed a robed githyanki who was looking at them. The three of them made haste and kept up with the hooded man using Vescallians similar guile trailing him into a unmarked inn.

The inn was owned by a lovely tiefling in a red dress named Rhapsody. She instantly recognized the famous Thom and offered him a free room. She then charged Vescallian and Neon 10 gold each.

The Blue Man

The group charged the four armed creatures as the blue skinned man was savaged to near death by a flurry of claws. Dangerous gas vents randomly spewed poisonous hot gas onto the group while defending the blue man. Without much difficulty, they soon found the creatures dead and the blue man very thankful.

The blue man told them that his name was Mayhem, and that a magical portal spell had left him far outside Citadel Mercane. He let the group know that he had an expert knowledge of the trade port and after their escort would help them with their business. The group agreed to escort him and continued up the mountain trail.

A few hours of hard climbing, and the group found their way into the mountain soon stood before the orb shaped city of Citadel Mercane. Mayhem led the way to the citadel by simply floating up toward it and into one of its jagged entrances. The rest of the group followed remembering how movement differs once in the astral sea.

Mayhem led the group to the Dreaming Spire inn and Thom asked him to meet with them again the next morning. The group went inside and after Thom was announced to the whole inn as the famous Prince, were sold rooms and given food. Thom asked the waitress about their contact the githyanki separatist Rhl’thrik. She excused herself and went over to talk to the inn owner. Moments later she returned and let them know that the person they were asking about had been killed by a an attack in the streets the day before. She elaborated letting the group know that even though there is no tolerance of violence in the citadel, the police never responded to the scene.

Thom convinced her that they were good friends of the victim, and the waitress gave the group a small brass box that the dead patron had left if someone came looking for him. Thom handed the box to Vascallian letting him take the risk of dealing with it. The githyanki placed his thumb into a grove on the bottom of the box and it floated to the center of their table and a glowing Rhl’thrik appeared and spoke to them and the whole rest of the inn about the group traveling to Tu’narath and joining the Tiamat separatists there.

The group was promptly asked by the inn owner to leave his inn and Vascallian let the inn owner know if he kicked them out, he would come back and visit him while he slept. The inn owner apologized and allowed them to stay.

The group set to the streets to find a way into Tu’narath. Outside the inn, they quickly ran into a waiting Mayhem who asked if there was a way for him to help. Thom told him about their intentions to travel to Tu’narath and Mayhem was quick to offer help.

During the next six hours in citadel Mercane, the group dicovered three ways into Tu’narath. One was a portal obtained by assassinating a corrupt official, one was by stealing a boat, and the last was by bribing a Tiamat hating captain. The group decided to travel to the city via captain J’ladimir who gave them papers to pass into Tu’narath.

Neon. Dead Again?

The group decided to head to the citadel after a much needed rest. When they awoke the next morning, Thom and Vescallian found Neon dead in his bed. On the pillow next to a hole in the paladins in a pool of blood flipped a small tadpole. Vescallian noticed at that moment that his headaches that had persisted that last couple of days had vanished.

The two of them packed the dead paladin into their haversack and traveled to the local priest that had treated Xixix at Franks. The priest accepted a gracious offering and placed the body inside an entire bath of salve that had a strong menthol smell. After a few hours of soaking a stinky pruned skinned Neon awoke.

The group prepared for the journey to the citadel by receiving a shopping spree on the mayors tab at Vescallians suggestion for helping his small town.

Once the group was ready, they followed directions given by Xixix to a hidden skiff an hour outside of the town. Vascallian let the group know that Xixix had promised to look after the Crusty Wench while they are gone. The githyanki pirate skillfully flew the skiff into the sky revealing once again the giant frozen primordial standing near the town.

A short hour long flight and Vascallian landed the craft at the base of a large mountain in a petrified forest. Thom gave his best effort to hide the craft and traveled toward the mountain.

A short time later, the group came upon a strange blue skinned man being attacked by two large four armed creatures. Thom drew his blade.

Kelphin Greens Tragedy

From behind the group, the cultists screamed and charged Thom and Vascallian. Neon watched from the entry of the tomb as six of the tattered robed men attacked his companions. He drew forth his sword and charged into the Frey.

The three adventurers began to diminish the number of cultists when the creature made of worms emerged from one of the crypts manipulating the orb. Thom broke from the combat and charged the creature, but failed to damage the fiends writhing body.

Vascallian answered Thom’s call for help and in a flash was driving his blade into the creature who at the moment of contact dropped the orb and seemed to almost smile as the rogues blade ended his existence.

A rumble of thunder over their heads alerted the group that all was not well. A moment after the creature fell the ceiling blasted open and revealing the night sky with a glowing portal centered in the earth above them.

Neon finished the last cultist as Thom grabbed the orb and attempted to close the portal with it. A second crack of thunder alerted the group back to the ceiling where a ghastly looking robed creature dropped to the floor. The dead looking creature viciously began to attack the group and after trading blows for a few minutes fled claiming that Mual Tarr would be reborn.

The group searched the rest of the tomb and found the farmer Kelphin Green. He was laying on the floor in a crumbling room off of the side of the main chamber. Green claimed that Xixix was hired to find the orb for him to save his life. Green revealed a disease he had contracted that was turning his body to dust slowly.

Thom attempted to heal Green with the orb and failed. Green begged the group to kill him and though Vascallian agreed to, Neon and Thom held him back. Despite the sick farmers pleas, the group took him back to Town and left him sick and hopeless with the local healers.

The group checked on Xixix after returning and found that he was beginning to regain his faculties. The injured githyanki had a private discussion with Vascallian and passed out from exhaustion. Vascallian told the group that Xixix had found a way for them to enter the pirate city. He relayed information about a political change that had occured in the githyanki race.

Vascallian told the group that the founding leader of all of the githyanki had left her banishment to the nine hells and returned to the astral sea. This action ended an agreement between the githyanki and Tiamat the had been in place for thousands of years. Because their founding leader had not emerged yet, the breaking of the truce had divided the githyanki between Tiamat and Gith followers. The pirate city had been taken over by the followers of Tiamat and had locked the city down tight.

Before he dealings with Green, Xixix had began an alliance with some githyanki separatists and had arranged a meeting for the group and the gith followers at the Dreaming Spire inn located on a satellite landmass. The separatists would discover a way into the city for the group as it would help their cause.

The Algorithms Draw

The group traveled for several hours before finding the graveyard near the mountains foothills. The graveyard was long forgotten and showed the signs of decay. The group decided to dress themselves in the tattered robes of the defeated cultists as they entered.

The directions led them to a tomb near the rear of the graveyard. A lone humanoid draped in a black cloak met them and declared his pleasure at their ability to follow directions.

He asked that they give him the algorithm. Neon and Vascallian gave a convincing performance, and realized quickly that Thom had not done the same. The creature was stalled through continued conversation and needed with the group finding that the creature wanted to use the orb to awaken a worshipped god.

Neon drew forth the orb and dropped it on the ground to lure the creature close. The creatures hand emerged from the robed sleeve revealing a body made of writhing worms and maggots which drew the orb inside as Neon brought his sword down upon the robed figure.

Thom surveyed the area and noticed two summoning circles nearby and rushed to the nearest and dispelled it. The robed creature was beset by Vascallian and activated the second circle bringing out two large elemental creatures made of molten rock.

The fight was tough and as the robed figure was surely nearing defeat, it burrowed into the ground beneath the group.

Thom panicked as the orb energy traveled away from him and began digging into the earth after the worm creature. Neon and Vascallian entered the tomb and found a set of stairs inside a sarcophagus. The two of them descended under the tomb and a short underground passage led them to a set of stone doors. Thom came to his senses and met the two of them there just before Vascallian peeked inside.

He described a room with coffins and a large statue complete with burning brazier. He decided to travel in with Thom following leaving the mostly loud Neon in the entry. The two of them crawled over to the nearest coffin and neither one noticed the cultist positioned against the entry awaiting the group.

Delivery to the Green Farm

The group woke the next morning, and after a quick breakfast hit the streets and began to investigate the rumors about the missing people, and what the orb was they were to deliver.

The group talked with the father of a young girl who had been attacked by a slaad and tried to tend to her wounds. The father thanked them and gave them the name of the friend his daughter was with when the attack occured. After talking to the second young girl through the door of her house, she told them that the attack had happened near the Green family farm.

The group continued checking around and found that people had indeed began to go missing, and the direction of the Green farm.

They returned to Franks Loft to check if the status of Xixix had changed at all. The mayor was woken up upon their arrival. Despite the efforts of Neon to communicate with Xixix, he continued to mostly speak jibberish. The mayor begged the group to get rid of the orb.

The group left Franks and went to the town library to investigate the orb. The only information they could discover about the orb was a reference to a mad wizard in the elemental chaos named Faarlung who had created an orb of similar description called the Algorithm. Little was known about the orb other than Faarlung was believed to have wanted to use his magic to control the chaos of reality.

The group set out with the orb and traveled to the Green farm. Upon arrival, they saw that the farm was destroyed and in ruins. Inside what must have been the family home, a large portal shimmered. From out of the nearby barn, a group of cultists came out and attacked the group who their leader declared had the Algorithm.

The cultists were easily bested by the until the portal inside the ruined house activated and out stepped three slaad that joined the fight. The cultists tried in vane to coerce the group to simply give them the orb and they would leave. However, Neon would not listen. The two groups met the third and together reduced their numbers to but one injured slaad. Neon gave Thom the orb despite his reservations and the bard closed the portal by manipulating it nearby.

The cultists turned on the group once more demanding the orb. One the remaining cultists fled the fight when Neon promised his death, and the leader fell last.

The group searched the fallen foes and found instruction to the farm, and directions to a grave yard several miles away that the cultists were to bring the Algorithm. The group searched the barn and found the Green family remains spread about the space.

What's Wrong with Xixix

The group discussed the incidents with Vascallian and Jedrezz. He assured me that there was no more hidden deals. He told them that Jedrezz would not have merely walked away from the deal and that revenge would have occured.

Following his direction, he group followed Vascallian out into the wastelands. They found no signs of living creatures and walked around five miles. That is when they came to a town that resembled more of a fort called Fitherton.

It took a little discussion with the gate guard before they were allowed inside the fort. The guard would not reveal why but directed the group to the only open inn The Long March tavern. On the way to the tavern they interacted with a vegetable merchant who told them that he knew there was something going on at Franks Loft another inn across town. He described a mad sounding screaming coming from inside beyond a door guard.

Once they arrived at the Long March, they ate and made ready for rest. Two hours after bedding down for the night, the tavern owner knocked at the door of Neon. He whispered through the door that the mayor had sent for them and needed to see them right away at Franks Loft. The message hinted at a possible plague that had beset the town.

The group nervously readied and traveled across town to Franks Loft where a nervous guard let them inside not wanting to discuss the situation that waited for them. Inside, the group definitely heard the maniacal screams and rants coming from a room upstairs.

Neon entered the room and found a cleric administering a salve to a tied down githyanki who writhed on a bed and spoke jibberish from a whisper to a shout.
A slim man on the side of the room shakily introduced himself as Archibald Forimer the mayor.

The group spoke with the two men and deduced that the tied down man was named Xixix. He was a mercenary who claimed to aquire items for people. He showed up a week ago and did a couple of jobs in town. About three days before, he had returned in a state of madness. Right around the same time, rumors began about monsters appearing from nowhere, and people going missing.

The mayor directed the group to a parcel on the table that Xixix had entered town with. Neon cautiously opened the parcel using Thom’s crowbar. Inside was a strange orb covered in runes that looked like they could be moved. Thom made a point of investigating the orb closer without touching it. As he leaned closer, he felt and urge to manipulate the orb feeling like he could align the runes to solve the problem.

Neon tried to help the man on the bed and only succeeded in revealing that he had a desire to manipulate the orb.

Vascallian pulled Neon and Thom into the hallway and let them know that Xixix was a hired scout that he had sent to investigate Jedrezz’s claim. He expected to meet up with him to find out what he had found out concerning the pirate lair. He told them that helping Xixix might reveal the information needed to infiltrate their lair.

The group decided to take the orb away from Xixix and see if his condition became better. They also decided if that didn’t work, to check into where he was supposed to deliver the orb too. Vascallian was nominated to stay behind for twenty minutes and observe the state of Xixix.

Thom and Neon went outside and the guard was distracted by what he thought he had seen in the alley across the street. Out of the darkness a massive frog like humanoid lept onto the guard and tore him to pieces with sharp claws.

Thom called out for Vascallian as a green creature joined by three red ones charged the two of them. Vascallian bust out of the tavern and made a great display of how to not hit a creature. Thom used his magic to grant flight to the group. Neon forced the creature nearest himself to fight him.

The fight was not difficult though a little concerning. The group had only be in possession of the orb for moments and already they knew the rumor of creatures from nowhere was a fact.


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