SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Vascallian is Hiding Something

The crew of the Crusty Wench shook off the effect of the rough landing while Vascallian assured them he had done what he could to soften it. They gathered in a mere glimpse of their surroundings before a group of grey skinned humanoids surrounded the train. The creatures looked proportioned like a dwarf, though they stood as high as a man. The beings moved in and began an attack.

Vascallian charged off of the train and met the attack head on. Thom followed close behind and the two found that Vascallians talents with a blade were enhanced when he held a slight advantage over a foe. Before the two of them had a chance to dispatch but one foe, Neon still on deck called out for help as he had become surrounded. Thom made his way over to his comrade while Vascallian held the remaining creatures at bay.

Once Thom and Neon had control of the Wench deck again, Vascallian made his way up near Thom again and the two of them began to make little work of the remaining enemies until a couple of the gray skinned men broke from fighting with Neon and ran to the rear entrance of the Crusty Wench passenger car.

The enemies entering the car caused Vascallian to panic and break from combat also entering the passenger car. Thom and Neon exchanged worried looks and disengaged from the fighting to get to the bottom of the confusing situation.

Inside the car, the two gray skinned men stood over the backpack of Vascallian and the sound of glass breaking caused Vascallian to charged across the room like a savage and continue the attack. Thom and Neon joined in and the foes soon lay dead on the floor. Vascallian ran to his pack and revealed that he had another reason to go to the pirate lair. He had been hired by a devils contract to safely deliver a glass ornament to the lair.

Vascallian told the group that he wouldn’t have normally taken the job, only he knew that if this devil told him the location he could get double paid by merely alerting the githyanki force after the delivery was complete. He also decided once meeting their group after they easily dispatched his men that he may be able to use their talents to obtain some treasure at the same time.

He let them know that the situation was very bad. Little discussion followed before the train car was filled with a sulphur smelling puff of smoke and a large desk appeared with a fine dressed devil sitting behind it. Around the room many devil creatures stood as if ready to pounce.

The devil announced to the room, that it was time to discuss Vascallians contact terms.



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