SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Tu'narath's Welcome

The group boarded the ship of the cold shouldered Captain Jladimir early the next day. During the trip, the group witnessed the strength of the Githyanki city in its many warships and dragon riders that filled the space above. Mayhem revealed to the group that he was actually a ratavasta and also a hire on by the separatists.

When the ship got close to the city, a group of dragon riders slowed their advance and one of the riders landed on board and gave close inspection of cargo and passengers. However, the papers that the captain had given the group passed the scrutiny and soon they were dropped into the reformed Pirate city of Tu’narath.

After landing the group briefly split up and hit the streets to find information about the separatists. During which, they learned a bit about the emperor Ketchr’r. The former pirate lair warlord turned Tiamat loyalist who had imprisoned a former leader named Vlaakith. However, it seemed like they had been a little too open with their questions when a group of angels led by a massive dragon like humanoid trapped the group in a square and attacked them.

The group dispatched the angels and were able to withstand the large dragon beasts blows long enough to kill the creature. Afterwards, they looted the bodies and found little but a sack of coins. When they looked up, the crowd had filled in again and Thom noticed a robed githyanki who was looking at them. The three of them made haste and kept up with the hooded man using Vescallians similar guile trailing him into a unmarked inn.

The inn was owned by a lovely tiefling in a red dress named Rhapsody. She instantly recognized the famous Thom and offered him a free room. She then charged Vescallian and Neon 10 gold each.



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