SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Tiamat's Chapel

The chapel entry was inhabited by a ghastly spine that hung floating in the air. The group approached the spine and were attacked from the sides by shadowy figures. The spine flew at them and began a paralyzing necrotic attack the slowed their response.

After many blows exchanged back and forth, the shadows return to the darkness they emerged from and the spine fell to the floor. In between the vertebrae, the group discovered gem stones that they removed. Upon closer inspection, Thom was sure he could sense some sort of evil energy still trapped inside the gems. Vescallian grabbed the stone despite the groups reservations and pocketed them.

Vescallian carefully peeked through the door into the next chamber and relayed that it was very hot and the waves of heat made it hard to see across. The group entered and were beset by two large red dragons who flew across the massive chamber. The group found themselves more than a match for the creatures ending their lives with more time than blood.

At the other side of the chamber, Vescallian and Neon discovered the dragons hoard, a pile of coins and gems. Vescallian reminded the group that he had said that this would be a lucrative adventure.

The group returned to the south end of the chamber and entered the east door. In the room beyond, they matched steel to bone destroying a large skeletal dragon and his freezing attacks. After the fight, the group discovered another pile of coins. Vescallian joyfully exclaimed that he loved killing dragons.

The group made their way back to the main chamber an opened the door to the west. On the other side of the door a githyanki guard screamed to alert others of the intruders.



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