SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

The Payday

Neon and Thom only paused a brief moment after the rogue Vescallian vanished into the rotating wall before grabbing the revealed lever themselves and spinning the wall again taking them into the hidden chamber.

When the floor stopped moving, the two of them found Vescallian squatting low near a curved set of stairs holding his finger to his lips. Thom tip toed to Vescallian while Neon froze in place so as not to give them away with his loud armor. The group could over hear a light argument going on in the tower above them between an unseen male, and a red dragon that the group could barely catch a glimpse of.

The group decided that it must be Zetch’r’r above them and sent Neon up to act like he was supposed to be there. The paladin ascended the stair casually and came before the huge dragon who sat blocking the stairs up on a massive pile of treasure. He looked up and could see the emperor seated on a throne a floor up due to the entire center of the floor being open.

The dragon alerted the emperor to the intruder and Neon tried to convince him that he was delivering a message and that the dragon should let him pass. Zetch’r’r told Neon that the dragon was free to hear any message and he should speak it. Neon declared the his deity would like their service. Zetch’r’r asked if the deity was present. Neon said that he was everywhere and the emperor told the dragon and several servants to kill the messenger.

Neon and Vescallian were assaulted by the dragon and forced to the bottom floor. Flew to the second floor and met the charge of four handmaidens to the emperor. The bard made little work of the zealous servants dispatching them in but a few seconds. He then made his way down to help his overwhelmed companions.

Out of the ether the emperor appeared near the dragon and attacked beside the beast. The group already stretched to their limit could barely stand up to the power of the two enemies. Vescallian fell unconscious from sword blows from the emperor and was barely able to stand again even with Thom’s magic. Neon’s wounds came dangerously close to taking him as he endured blow after blow to protect the damaged teammates.

The dragon began shows the results of countless wounds and the emperor told the creature to flee. It lowered it defenses and spread its massive wings the three adventurers attacked the fleeing creature and it never made it more than a couple of feet off the ground before falling back down with a loud thump in a pool of its own blood.

The emperor after witnessing his escape plan cut down, attacked with renewed vigor. However, numbers were not on his side and only a minute or two of back and forth left the leader fallen. Thom grabbed the scepter from Zetch’r’r’s belt.

Above the group they heard a thump and the sound of stone crumbling. Voices called down from above and demanded that the group ascend to the top and meet with Vlaakith. Vescallian got wide eyed and called up that they would be there soon. He then ushered the group to the dragons hoard on the second floor where Thom and Neon stuffed coins and gems into every pocket they possessed.

When the group came to the top floor standing on the platform was Vlaakith. The githyanki leader put her open hand out and demanded that the group give her the scepter. Thom asked why and she replied that the fighting would end if they gave it to her. Thom sensed that she was telling the truth, but worried about the way it would happen.

Vlaakith turned and stepped onto the ship that had brought her to the chapel tower. The group only noticed as she boarded that they were looking at the improved Crusty Wench. At the helm, Xixix waved for them to board and dismissed two githyanki guards from the sails and invited Thom to join him while Neon and Vescallian replaced the guards.

The train flew away from he tower and high across Tu’narath. The battle around them seemed to notice them and let them pass without reaction. During the flight, Xixix explained the new features of the train revealing that it was now a Spelljammer. He then told Thom the cost to fix the ship was over three million gold and that he would forget the cost if they would give him Faarlungs Orb. He swore that he could control it now and convinced the bard to make the trade.

The conversation ended quickly as Xixix pulled the train into a hover inches above the ground at the mouth of a giant cave in the cliffs surrounding the city. Vlaakith stepped down to the cliff and moments later an enormous red dragon emerged from the cave. Vlaakith smashed the scepter on the ground and declared that the pact had ended. The dragon told her that they would cease the attack and leave but would from now on be enemies.

Over one hundred dragons emerged from nearby caves some clutching scorched eggs and flew into the astral sea as the ones fighting in the sky above turned away and joined them. Vlaakith let the group know that they were free to stay in the city as long as they liked and could keep all of their recovered treasure.

The following morning, Vescallian and the group divided the treasure from the chapel during breakfast. He told Thom that Vlaakith had ordered the chapel destroyed and had reached out to the githzerai letting them know that the long pact with Tiamat had been dissolved. The githzerai had responded by scheduling a meeting with Vlaakith to discuss peace.

Vescallian told the group that had helped change the path of his race and would be spoke of with reverence. He also let them know that he was not going with them and he planned to retire. He spent a few moments teaching Thom about traversing the astral sea, telling the bard that you just had to concentrate on where you want to be and follow the brightest star.

Before he left, Vescallian told the group that he knew they needed someone who had been to Hestavar before to make their planar jump and said he knew someone he could send over.

The group watched the rogue leave the Mourning Star Inn and looked at their share of the treasure. Gold value of the haul was over three million. The rogue had told the truth. This city of pirates held a lot of treasure.



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