SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

The Hands of Pelor

The group watched the island motes of the Hestavar gradually dissolve into the distance. The fresh sea air refreshed their senses and for the first time in a while Thom felt at ease traveling across the water.

After nearly thirty minutes of flight the skiff driver turned around and pointed to a rough looking hand drawn map. He told them that Giounne had prepared the map for him and instructed him to take them out to a certain point of the Salts.
He then pointed to the direction of their travels and let the group know that the map led them into a massive storm ahead.

He continued the course of travel and was forced to lower his flying altitude to accommodate more visibility. The seas below the group was a raging torrent of waves. Without warning a massive wall of water raised out of the sea and the skiff driver pulled into a hard climb.

It was no use. The wall of water slammed into the small skiff smashing it to bits and throwing its passengers into the water below. Neon was completely disoriented and would have most likely swam to the bottom of the sea if not for the friendly hand of Bavak who pulled him to the surface.

With the monks help the two of them found a portion of ground surrounded by a whirling water wall that seemed to magically keep the water back. From out of the spinning water, a massive humanoid of cracked blackened stone skin that stepped into the area. Lightning danced across the sky, and similar electricity covered the surface of the creatures skin. In the center of the enormous creatures chest was a seal made from the combined symbols of Erathis, Ioun, and Pelor. The creature roared receiving a lightning bolt from the sky into its body and exploded sparks into the area surrounding it throwing Neon right up to the flowing water.

Suddenly Thom was thrown out of the raging sea and tumbling onto the sandy area. The group stood before the former herald of Huer-Ket. The raging storm Titan Nakheten. The fight began and was long. Thom found that each time it seemed that his healing magic was winning against the titans slamming electrical attacks a moment later either he or his companions would be on the brink of death.

Final as the group had all but given up to the titans ferocity, Bavak delivered several masterfully delivered punches and the Titan fell to the sand. After it fell, the blackened seal on its chest disintegrated and there in the cavity where a heart should be, lay the dark tome. Neon ran to the fallen Titan and grabbed the book quickly into a holding sack just before the surrounding water closed in.

Above the group the sky lightened the clouds dissipated and the sun shone again on them. The group made little discussion before beginning to swim back towards the direction of Hestavar. Luck was with them as a ship with Guionne on board sailed up and retrieved the group from the briny water.

Guionne was eager to look upon the book and grilled the group on details about their travels since the morning. The ship sailed for an hour before Guionne paid the captain to drop the group off outside of town and leave him a row boat. The group rowed ashore and Guionne demanded to see the book after all of his help.

Neon refused to allow the small devil to touch the book and Guionne revealed twenty plus hiding demons in the surrounding rocks. This time demanding that Neon simply give him the book of vile darkness.

A flash of light filled the entire beach and the surrounding demons screamed in pain. When the group regained their vision, all of the demons lay dead around them. Guionne quivered in front of them looking up and three massive humanoids in front of him. Two women and a man in the center, the scholarly looking women waved her hand and exclaimed "Begone servent of Asmodious. With that the small devil was gone leaving the slight smell of brimstone.

The three beings turned out to be the three deities responsible for the creation of Hestivar. Pelor, Erathis, and Ioun discussed what to do with the group and even allowed them to explain their actions. Pelor took the book of vile darkness from Neon and told them that they would have to prove their worth to him. He declared the group would be his new hands, and would travel to the cathedral of Aurosion. Once there, they would travel to the last discovered location of Bahumet and use the essence of a wish to bring him back from the dead. The group agreed and the three gods disappeared after warning them that is they failed, they would never again see them or the book again.

The group was left feeling a new heavy burden. But for the first time in a long while they felt pride as they were fighting for the good guys.



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