SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

The Definition of Worse

The group walked back to Hestivar and found that Guionne had dropped them off very close to the city. Once inside the city, the group quickly boarded a skiff and were charged half the price of their former driver to travel to the cathedral of Aurosion.

Outside the cathedral, the three of them were mesmerized by the beauty of the structure that was so lovely it brought tears to their eyes. The group made their way to the main entrance and Bavak speculated on the wonders that people with the title Hands of Pelor would be privy too inside.

At the doorway, the group met a ghost. A human monk in tan robes named Delvin. The monk introduced himself and let the group know that he knew who they were. He told them that he was to lead them, and that the portal was nearly ready for travel.

The group was allow a rest and meal before being given three treasures that appeared on the portal room alter. The group received two Ioun stones and an amulet of Pelor. Delvin talked with them letting them know while they ate that the exalted of the gods had discovered the last location of prayer received by Bahumet and followed by telling them that the divination of the dead was much more powerful than the living.

Delvin told them that the portal room was ready, and led them to it. Outside the room, Bavak admitted to the group that he had been disappointed by the behind the scenes of the cathedral and that he knew they had noticed. He made a promise to not be so childish in the future. The door to the portal room opened behind him and one hundred exalted activated a rainbow portal. Thom told Bavak to close his eyes so as not to be disappointed. The portal sucked the group through and they found themselves inside a pitch black cave tunnel.

The group began to walk in one direction of the tunnel. Their travels continually brought them to more and more bones. Eventually piles of bones littered the tunnel. Bavak was the first to notice the sound of something ahead. He cautioned the group he had definitely heard something. The group slowed its advance and spread out.

After a short advance, the rest of the group heard the sounds as well. They strained and could hear the sound of bones being shoved or dropped. Before long they could now hear the thump thump of something large walking.

Bavak extinguished his luminescent body and left Neon in the dark who walked into a pile of bones. From ahead they could hear the thumping exit the tunnel to the left and suddenly begin to get closer from an opening nearby.

Neon froze as Bavak ran by with Thom close behind telling the paladin to hide. Neon charged after his companions blindly in the dark. Bavak noticed first sliding to a halt before the drop off into darkness and Thom hearing the slide began to stop as well. The two if them dove behind a large pile of bones as the paladin slid late and over the edge where his armored hands somehow caught him.

Bavak peek out from the bones and asked Thom what he was looking at. Neither one of them believing what they may be seeing. Neon behind them carefully lifted himself up to the edge and saw it. A massive thirty foot long triceratops like beast. The creature shove bones out of the side tunnel and sniffed the air.

The paladin lowered himself and whispered that it looked like a Tarrasque. Thom’s head reeled with the horror stories collected from all of the bards he had heard sing of the ancient ultimate beast of destruction. He though of all these stories and his next move was to flee.

Thom readied a flight spell and ran for the edge of the drop off. He lept from the side and grabbed Neon on the way down. He never even look back to see Bavak hot on his heels or or to see the beast roar with fury at the sight of intruders.

The tarrasque charged down the side passage and met the group at the bottom of the thirty foot drop off. Thom turned his direction of travel to go back up and found he creature had reduced his flight capabilities. The group grabbed the rock wall of the thirty foot drop at around twenty feet. A snort of air behind them let them know the tarrasque was about to charge.



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