SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

The Blue Man

The group charged the four armed creatures as the blue skinned man was savaged to near death by a flurry of claws. Dangerous gas vents randomly spewed poisonous hot gas onto the group while defending the blue man. Without much difficulty, they soon found the creatures dead and the blue man very thankful.

The blue man told them that his name was Mayhem, and that a magical portal spell had left him far outside Citadel Mercane. He let the group know that he had an expert knowledge of the trade port and after their escort would help them with their business. The group agreed to escort him and continued up the mountain trail.

A few hours of hard climbing, and the group found their way into the mountain soon stood before the orb shaped city of Citadel Mercane. Mayhem led the way to the citadel by simply floating up toward it and into one of its jagged entrances. The rest of the group followed remembering how movement differs once in the astral sea.

Mayhem led the group to the Dreaming Spire inn and Thom asked him to meet with them again the next morning. The group went inside and after Thom was announced to the whole inn as the famous Prince, were sold rooms and given food. Thom asked the waitress about their contact the githyanki separatist Rhl’thrik. She excused herself and went over to talk to the inn owner. Moments later she returned and let them know that the person they were asking about had been killed by a an attack in the streets the day before. She elaborated letting the group know that even though there is no tolerance of violence in the citadel, the police never responded to the scene.

Thom convinced her that they were good friends of the victim, and the waitress gave the group a small brass box that the dead patron had left if someone came looking for him. Thom handed the box to Vascallian letting him take the risk of dealing with it. The githyanki placed his thumb into a grove on the bottom of the box and it floated to the center of their table and a glowing Rhl’thrik appeared and spoke to them and the whole rest of the inn about the group traveling to Tu’narath and joining the Tiamat separatists there.

The group was promptly asked by the inn owner to leave his inn and Vascallian let the inn owner know if he kicked them out, he would come back and visit him while he slept. The inn owner apologized and allowed them to stay.

The group set to the streets to find a way into Tu’narath. Outside the inn, they quickly ran into a waiting Mayhem who asked if there was a way for him to help. Thom told him about their intentions to travel to Tu’narath and Mayhem was quick to offer help.

During the next six hours in citadel Mercane, the group dicovered three ways into Tu’narath. One was a portal obtained by assassinating a corrupt official, one was by stealing a boat, and the last was by bribing a Tiamat hating captain. The group decided to travel to the city via captain J’ladimir who gave them papers to pass into Tu’narath.



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