SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

The Algorithms Draw

The group traveled for several hours before finding the graveyard near the mountains foothills. The graveyard was long forgotten and showed the signs of decay. The group decided to dress themselves in the tattered robes of the defeated cultists as they entered.

The directions led them to a tomb near the rear of the graveyard. A lone humanoid draped in a black cloak met them and declared his pleasure at their ability to follow directions.

He asked that they give him the algorithm. Neon and Vascallian gave a convincing performance, and realized quickly that Thom had not done the same. The creature was stalled through continued conversation and needed with the group finding that the creature wanted to use the orb to awaken a worshipped god.

Neon drew forth the orb and dropped it on the ground to lure the creature close. The creatures hand emerged from the robed sleeve revealing a body made of writhing worms and maggots which drew the orb inside as Neon brought his sword down upon the robed figure.

Thom surveyed the area and noticed two summoning circles nearby and rushed to the nearest and dispelled it. The robed creature was beset by Vascallian and activated the second circle bringing out two large elemental creatures made of molten rock.

The fight was tough and as the robed figure was surely nearing defeat, it burrowed into the ground beneath the group.

Thom panicked as the orb energy traveled away from him and began digging into the earth after the worm creature. Neon and Vascallian entered the tomb and found a set of stairs inside a sarcophagus. The two of them descended under the tomb and a short underground passage led them to a set of stone doors. Thom came to his senses and met the two of them there just before Vascallian peeked inside.

He described a room with coffins and a large statue complete with burning brazier. He decided to travel in with Thom following leaving the mostly loud Neon in the entry. The two of them crawled over to the nearest coffin and neither one noticed the cultist positioned against the entry awaiting the group.



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