SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Slow Resistance

Thom and Neon traveled through the door that led deeper into the tomb. The door opened to a room with four statues. Two statues were of Dark Six origin, and two were the likeness of Mydianchlarus.

Next to the door lie two dead human bodies. At the far end of the small chamber was a strange undead creature who let them know that they too would die. Thom stepped into the room cautiously to catch every angle before committing to an action. Neon approached one of the dead, and discovered that the bodies were a ruse of illusion.

Neon announced the deception, and the illusions dropped revealing three rakshasa who attacked. Thom and Neon moved quickly to control the situation and were further ambushed by a invisible creature of shadows.

The fight was long a and difficult, but the two heroes stayed their ground until the shadowy figure was forced to surrender. Thom and Neon humiliated the creature before allowing him to leave the tomb.

Thom noticed the walls of the room were covered with Draconic language and read the words to Neon. " "

The two of them set to finding some significance to the room.



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