SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Separatist Trouble

The group awoke the next morning and went to the inn restaurant to have breakfast. While there, they noticed that the common room doors were closed and hushed mummering was coming from the other side. Vascallian made his way to the door and began to pick the lock as Thom positioned himself to cover the action. A couple of clicks later, and the door opened. Vascallian peeked inside and found a table full of githyanki staring at him. One of the men stood up and introduced himself as Gharvag then invited the group both the rogue, Mayhem and Thom inside.

Gharvag was the cloaked man who led them to the inn the day prior. He told them he had witnessed their fight and wondered what had happened to their group that had been sent to Citadel Mercane. Mayhem explained the ambush and the investigation that led them to believe that Zetch’r’r had known about their travels.

The conversation turned toward the removal of Zetch’r’r and the githyanki breaking their alliance with Tiamat. The group was told that there would be not uprising unless the githyanki had a leader that they could trust. The separatists went on to inform the group that their last leader Vlaakith 183 had been taken prisoner and was being held on a floating citadel enclosure above the city. They told the group that Vlaakith would be the best hope of rallying the people against Zetch’r’r.

The separatists arranged for the group to travel to the prison letting them know that the action was considered suicidal.

The group traveled to the merchant district docks and were directed by a couple of dock workers to a nearby warehouse. Once inside, they were introduced to Captain Turtarus. He let them know that he was providing a one way trip to the prison and that they had to find their own way back. He also informed them that he expected them to make evidence of their infiltration method point toward a competitor of his.

The group agreed and were packed into a shipping crate and loaded onto captain Turtarus’s ship. Along the journey the group was lucky when inspected by dragon riders, their crate was not one that was inspected.

After they arrived at the prison, their crate was offloaded into a shipping barn and Turtarus left quickly. They carefully opened the crate to not attract attention, then inspected the area. They spotted the main prison building and hatched a plan to enter. The group decided to disable a few dock workers and steel their yellow colored suits and use their disguise to infiltrate the building from the upper entrance.

After waiting a few minutes, the group had ambushed three dock workers and pulled their coveralls snugly over their armor. The group grabbed a box on a cart and began pushing it to the top of the prison. They were stopped by the dock manager who asked them many questions. Vascallian quickly talked himself out of trouble letting the manager know that the gourds he was transporting were delicious if prepared properly, his name was Thom was not pronounced “Tom”, and that though he shared the name of a famous bard he didn’t believe all the stories he had heard about the bard.

Upon reaching the top of the building, Thom and Vascallian talked a couple of workers into allowing them to finish their work for them. Minutes later, the group was inside the main prison. They looked around the floor a bit and drew the attention of a floor guard who they ambushed and incapacitated.

The group decided to descend further down into the prison after not seeing Vlaakith on the circular level. On the next floor down, the group found a training area for the guards and some storage for the facility. Vascallian picked a pair of locked door and found in the room beyond a githyanki women held inside an energy field with an angel and a demon standing next to her. The demon was interrogating her in harsh whispers that the woman stoically ignored.



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