SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Safety Never Felt so Dangerous

Neon braced himself and met the dwarfs attack sure that he could take on any dwarf in history one on one. However, moments later, group of civilians ran in the melee from the surrounding crowds. Several other dwarves appeared and joined the city guard. Thom joined Neons side to repel the onslaught, while Bavak became a blur of punches and kicks that devastated the attacking citizens.

The fight was not a long one and ended when the leather tough dwarf finally fell from the combined blows of the three companions. Upon the dwarf hitting the ground, the seal in the center of the square split with a loud crack. The city alarms were sounded and Thom used the summoning card and minutes later the skiff driver pulled up and flew the group from the area.

Thom handed the driver the address of the safe house that Guionne had given him. The group soon found themselves in a bare two room apartment. They ate pack food and slept on the floor.



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