SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Riddle Me This

The group stood in the now empty library and listened hard to see if they could discern what might be coming next. The only sound was the trickling water of the center pool as it calmed to rest. Bavak and Neon pressed their ears to the closed door and heard nothing from the other side. Thom took note that the craftsmanship of the door was perfect and no air or light passed through it.

Neon summoned his courage and entered the room beyond with bravado. However, his brash entrance was not appreciated by the elderly scholar and the large human headed cat who stood next to him.

During the confrontation that ensued, the elderly man continually teleported around the room and polymorphed them into various small animals, while the sphinx infected their minds with various riddles.

Finally after much fighting, the group overcame the foes and the seal of Ioun on the far wall broke in two with a loud snap. The group regain their composure and after a brief discussion, decided to travel to the market district to find the seal of Erathis.



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