SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Prison Break

The dragon riders in the hanger lept onto their mounts as the githyanki filled skiff launched out of the entrance and into the astral sea. The group scrambled onto the remaining skiff killing many of the dock workers who tried to impede them.

The dragons moved in and attacked the group while blocking the skiff from leaving. Vascallian grabbed the controls of the skiff and rammed the skiff into the red dragon who stood its ground ceasing the skiffs escape.

Vlaakith blasted the dragons and riders with psychic energy stifling their movement. Thom and Neon beat more of the dock workers free from the sides of the skiff. Vascallian jammed the controls full ahead this time catching the immobile dragon off guard and knocked it backwards breaking free from its claws. The vessel left the docks in hot persuit of the escaping skiff.

The lead skiff directed its path in a straight line towards Tu’narath as Vascallian pulled near with both dragons close behind. Neon immediately launched his armor laden body across to the neighboring skiff cutting down the nearest githyanki. The githyanki nearest the front of the skiff threw a flaming pot of oil onto the groups skiff catching the rear of their boat on fire. The dragons pulled up on both sides of the skiff and began to trade blows with the trapped skiff.

Vlaakith and Vascallian paired up behind Thom and the three of them focused in on the outside dragon. Neon easily dealt with the last two githyanki on the skiff and proceeded to force the dragons attack him. Thom was quick to heal his companions when they needed it. The group witnessed Vlaakith prove herself in the battle looking no worse for the wear as she mentally assaulted the dragons and riders alike.

The final dragon rider and stead found themselves unable to continue their assault and lost consciousness tumbling to the center of Tu’narath. The group jumped to the other skiff and Thom directed it into the incoming market traffic they had been a part of the day prior.

Thom steered the ship and entered the market docks by hiding along side a larger ship and breaking free at the last second. Once on the docks, they were met by separatists and ushered quickly to the inn.

A meeting was called in the morning. Vlaakith led the meeting allowing the group to sway the separatists to rise against Zetch’r’r. The group found out that Zetch’r’r had locked down the city and held public executions killing and replacing his tower guards who had failed to respond quick enough and replaced them. The group made several successful arguments for the uprising including the former illithid control, weakness of the emperors security at current moment, and Tiamats history of betrayal.

The separatists were swayed and the group made plans with the activists to distract Zetch’r’rs guards while the group assaulted his chapel.

The group found the chapel in the center of Vlaakiths palace ruins. Outside the building a large statue of Gith lay smashed on the ground. Cautiously the group entered the chapel and walked into an entry chamber finding the room lit by ever burning torches and a ghostly looking spine floating across the chamber in front of double doors.



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