SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Pelor's Confession

The Tarrasque charged from the side cavern entrance and easily reached the group by climbing the wall. Bavak lept onto the creature while Neon and Thom dropped down using bardic flight powers. After landing, the giant beast leapt down with them and Bavak slid down its side. Thom already wounded to nearly unconscious dove into a pile of bones and crawled into a large skull.

Neon ran across the chamber and began searching another pile of bones and could not locate any that held holy properties. Meanwhile Bavak continued attacking the Tarrasque and dodging as many blows as possible. Thom sent healing magic across the area to support his comrades, but found that the safety of the giant skull to be his only hope of survival.

Neon made his way to the final pile of bones and with a prayer to both Pelor and Del Dorn, found a large dragon skull in the pile that held immense magic properties. Thom lept from the skull and ran to Neon. He held the dragon skull inverted like a cup and gently poured the wish fluid into the cavity. The liquid was absorbed and the skull floated to the center of the chamber and slowly became covered in flesh. Bones from around the chamber raised into the air and joined the skull forming the body of a dragon.

The group focused onto the Tarrasque and kept one eye on the reforming dragon. Their chances of survival diminished every second and after several minutes, a roar told them that Bahumet had been reborn. The mighty platinum dragon finally drew the attention of the Tarrasque. However, before the creatures could melee, Bahamut disappeared.

The group decided that they were most likely dead and resolved to see the fight to their last breath. The fight was interrupted moments later by Bahumets return. The dragon god dropped onto the Tarrasque and sunk its claws deep into its back and began to rip with his mouth. The legendary beast passed out.

The group immediately made use of the planar portal ritual and traveled back to Hestivar. Where they were ushered to a private meeting with Pelor himself. Pelor praised his servants on their success and prepared to reward them but had to clarify history for them.

Pelor let the group know that he, Erathis, and Ioun had teamed up to defend themselves against Huer Ket joining their realms together into one. However, when the day came that Heur Ket arrived, the fight was balanced and lasted over a year before Ioun was forced to retreat followed by Erathis a few days later. Pelor remained and was sure to die when Asmodeus arrived and used the book of vile darkness to repel and trap Huer Ket.

Pelor let the group know that it was not him who had defeated the primordial and it was not he who could use the Book. It was the king of the demons.



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