SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

One Way Ticket to Hell

The group cautiously approached the train that would launch their business across Korvaire. Thom noticed a horrific clawed demon scramble into the passenger car. Azrukal suggested that the group start by going to the engine first. The group agreed and headed to the engine.

When the group reached the front of the train, they witnessed a skull faced humanoid creature damaging the controls. The creature disappeared as the lightning rail train rumbled to life. Bolts of lightning erupted from the bottom of the Crusty Wench as it sped into a tunnel that took it down into the earth below Sharn.

Two more lightning bolts erupted from the sides of the train as it entered the first focusing ring that Thom had designed over a year ago. The train picked up dramatic speed as sparks burst from the control console. The group began to investigate closer but were interrupted when a group of the clawed demons scurried up the train and attacked.

The group met the attack with a fierce rebuttal, as the skull faced demon reappeared on top of the engine and launched bolts of dark magic down upon them.

The group focused on the small enemies and soon found themselves facing only the saboteur when something large dropped from the ceiling of the tunnel landing on the flat bed car behind them. The new creature was a disgusting mass of tentacles and appendages that reached across the cars and lashed the group.

Not daunted by the new comer, the group killed the lich, and turned to the new foe as the train speed began to reach a point where turning forced it into the bolts surrounding it.

Neon decided to close the gap between himself and the abomination by jumping to the flatbed car. The train made a turn right as he jumped causing him to fall between the cars and through the lightning to the cave below. Azrukal and Thom jumped to the flatbed and knocked the creature off of the train.

Neon dusted himself off and began to jog toward the train and soon met and destroyed the ejected demon.

Thom and Azrukal both set to work on regaining control of the train. However, with every step forward, they seemed to make a misstep. When the walls of the tunnel turned from stone to a sickly mold, Azrukal lept for the brake lever and despite all his strength, the train launched into a massive hole.

The train arched downward. Thom and Azrukal grabbed onto the rails of the engine and braced themselves. The train fell for thirty seconds before a wave of abyssal energy washed over them. They were suddenly hit with a hot wind smelling of burnt flesh. The blackness of the tunnel was replaced by a brightly lit area under a crimson sky. The train sailed through the air for a few moments turning slowly onto its side before slamming into the hard cracked earth below them.

The Crusty Wench dug into the ground carving a trench behind it. Azrukal and Thom held on waiting for it to stop but once again found themselves falling as the train slid over the edge of a cliff.

The train fell for three full minutes. Thom and Azrukal believed that the impact would be the end of them for sure when the train slowed quickly and stopped bouncing in a massive steel net secured to the wall of the cliff. A voice called out “get up there and see what it is. Kill anything alive on it.”



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