SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Neons Big Plan

The group performed the prayer to Ioun ritual again and found that themselves outside in the street alley. Bavak’s keen senses had picked up on some out of view conversation. The group hid in the alley while listening to a group of angel guards question citizens about their groups whereabouts.

Before long the angel guards took flight above them and failed to notice their location. Thom wove his bardic magic around the group creating a veil of disguise. The group did their best to act normal. Soon after following Bavak, they were impeded by a road block of angels who were checking each citizen who passed.

Thom was confident that his magic would be sufficient to fool the guards. However, a heated discussion between two nearby crowd members, Neon was forced to reveal himself as a follower of Deldorn.

However, the discussion with the Dwarf a fellow Deldorn worshipper went lightly and the dwarf revealed nothing about the group when questioned. Thom’s magic disguises wavered for a moment as the guard checked his shoe, but stabilized before he could notice. The group passed through without incident.

Bavak let the group know that though in a series of alleyways, they had reached the market district. Thom wondered why what was historically a busy market area was so quiet. Bavak shouted that there were enemies on roof. Demons lept down onto the group.

Led by a large devil the demons quickly surrounded the group and their ranks were supported by a couple of Dragonkin. Nets dropped on the group charged with magic that weakened and slowed their response. Bavak however dodged the attack and unleashed flurry of kicks that began to drop the demons one after another.

Thom and Neon committed their efforts to the large demon and after many blows back and forth were able to end the creatures life. The rest of the ambushing squad fell quickly without their leader to support them. Bavak questioned why a group if demons was inside the city of Hestivar.

The group traveled to the center of the market square. Upon arrival, they found that the square was well guarded with many angel guards posted nearby. They also discovered that the square had a decorative center that was the very symbol of Erathis.

Thom and Bavak struggled with a method of dealing with the seal without drawing the guards attention. Neon decided on a plan that made both Thom and Bavak step back before he put it into place. Neon walked over to a cart selling flowers and bought a bouquet for a platinum piece.

Neon strode calmly to the center of the square casually smelling his fresh bouquet. Once he was directly over the seal of Erathis, he suddenly exclaimed “spider!” and dropped the flowers to the ground. Neon pulled his sword loose from the scabbard and charged it with the divine electricity of Deldorn. Neon slammed the sword through the flowers and into the seal. Stone chips launched upwards, but the seal held.

A flash of light stole the attention away from Neon. A heavily armored dwarf appeared near Neon on top of the seal. He regarded Neon a moment and said, “Well son, I hope your actions are worth the cost.” The dwarf hefted his warhammer and charged.



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