SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Memar and the Bell

When they awoke in the apartment, they were greeted by Guionne who had brought them fresh baked goods and information. The devil let them know that the last seal was inside the Dawn Bell Bastion. He also let them know that the bastion was on alert and would be hard to defeat. Guionne also revealed that he had further researched the final seal and let them know that it was in the Salts sea. He believed that the final seal had to do with a raging Titan trapped there by Pelor. The Titan he told them was a former herald of Huer-Ket.

The group said goodbye and thank you to Guionne and decided to disguise themselves before traveling to the Bastion. After dipping into Thom’s disguise kit, they traveled again via their private skiff to a few blocks from the bastion.

At Bavak’s suggestion, the group split their entrances by a few minutes each. Thom led the way and entered the tall towers and found himself inside a zen like garden filled with angels. He made a quick look around looking for the third seal and found nothing inside the area. Through an opposite exit, he spied two neighboring towers connected by bridges spanning a 100 foot drop.

Neon entered the area and saw Thom eyeing the tallest tower from a doorway across the room. He did his best to discover any hint of a seal in the area, but found nothing.

Last Bavak entered the tower. He entered and immediately was spotted as suspicious by the guards. The deva’s deceptiveness was pathetic as it was counter to his very nature. Neon stepped into the conversation that would surely give away Bavak’s identity and was able to bluff the angel guard into believing that Bavak was a monk breaking a vow of silence. The guard asked that the paladin keep track of him for the rest of his stay.

As the two made their way across the room, Thom exited toward the largest tower. The two followed just in time to see the bard enter the tower and soon followed him to the top.

At the top of the largest tower at the bastion, sat the Dawnbell. A massive bell covered in angelic carvings and sitting on its stand in the center of the top floor. Beside the bell was the single largest angel the group had yet to see. The group spread out and Neon once again made his way casually toward the bell. Suddenly, Neon drew his weapon and slammed it into the bell causing a deafening gong sound.

The massive angel declared itself Memar protecting angel charged by Pelor himself to defend the bell. Smaller angels poured in from outside the tower charging the group. Thom and Neon combined their efforts toward defeating Memar while Bavak blitzed the weaker angels.

The fight took the group airborne fighting the angel using flight spells outside the tower to avoid the debilitating effects of the bell that continued to ring damaging the group every few seconds.

Neon delivered the final blow that sent Memar one hundred feet down to the earth with a splat and behind them, the bell chimed its last before cracking and falling from its holder.

Thom drew out the skiff drivers summoning card and moments later the driver grabbed them hardly slowing down claiming to have just outrun angel guards.
The skiff driver directed his boat out to sea and Hestivar was behind them.



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