SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Kelphin Greens Tragedy

From behind the group, the cultists screamed and charged Thom and Vascallian. Neon watched from the entry of the tomb as six of the tattered robed men attacked his companions. He drew forth his sword and charged into the Frey.

The three adventurers began to diminish the number of cultists when the creature made of worms emerged from one of the crypts manipulating the orb. Thom broke from the combat and charged the creature, but failed to damage the fiends writhing body.

Vascallian answered Thom’s call for help and in a flash was driving his blade into the creature who at the moment of contact dropped the orb and seemed to almost smile as the rogues blade ended his existence.

A rumble of thunder over their heads alerted the group that all was not well. A moment after the creature fell the ceiling blasted open and revealing the night sky with a glowing portal centered in the earth above them.

Neon finished the last cultist as Thom grabbed the orb and attempted to close the portal with it. A second crack of thunder alerted the group back to the ceiling where a ghastly looking robed creature dropped to the floor. The dead looking creature viciously began to attack the group and after trading blows for a few minutes fled claiming that Mual Tarr would be reborn.

The group searched the rest of the tomb and found the farmer Kelphin Green. He was laying on the floor in a crumbling room off of the side of the main chamber. Green claimed that Xixix was hired to find the orb for him to save his life. Green revealed a disease he had contracted that was turning his body to dust slowly.

Thom attempted to heal Green with the orb and failed. Green begged the group to kill him and though Vascallian agreed to, Neon and Thom held him back. Despite the sick farmers pleas, the group took him back to Town and left him sick and hopeless with the local healers.

The group checked on Xixix after returning and found that he was beginning to regain his faculties. The injured githyanki had a private discussion with Vascallian and passed out from exhaustion. Vascallian told the group that Xixix had found a way for them to enter the pirate city. He relayed information about a political change that had occured in the githyanki race.

Vascallian told the group that the founding leader of all of the githyanki had left her banishment to the nine hells and returned to the astral sea. This action ended an agreement between the githyanki and Tiamat the had been in place for thousands of years. Because their founding leader had not emerged yet, the breaking of the truce had divided the githyanki between Tiamat and Gith followers. The pirate city had been taken over by the followers of Tiamat and had locked the city down tight.

Before he dealings with Green, Xixix had began an alliance with some githyanki separatists and had arranged a meeting for the group and the gith followers at the Dreaming Spire inn located on a satellite landmass. The separatists would discover a way into the city for the group as it would help their cause.



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