SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

Death in the Family

The group investigated the dead end of the crypt sure that they would find a hidden way to the resting place of Mydiclarius. After both Thom and Neon judged the statues in the room to not be magic in nature, the three of them spread out and began looking at the walls.

As the group began testing the walls for magic they failed to notice the cloud of electrical energy that was forming above their heads until it discharged into them. It seemed that Thom and Neon were incorrect about the nature of the statues. Neon and Thom both tried to threaten the statues to no avail. Finally, Neon gave praise to Mydianchlarus and the group found themselves transported magically to a hidden chamber.

The group stood inside a glowing circle of power and across the room could see a massive ebony armored creature, and on the other side of him a reaper with a glowing purple eye near him.

The group thought to avoid charging out of the circle as Thom sensed that it had a protective quality, but the enemies were able to force them out with magic. Azrukal took up the rear position as Neon and Thom charged into melee.

Neon was quickly surrounded by the Armored creature and reaper. The glowing eye floated up against his body and blasted him with a magical attack. Before a few seconds had passed Thom knew Neon could not stand this assault and used bardic magic to teleport him out if the center of the enemies.

However, the reaper had tasted the scent of death and teleported itself around to attack him again bringing the eye with it. Thom readied a healing spell for Neon incase he fell unconscious. Azrukal and Thom focused on the armored foe, and found it more than formidable.

The reaper slashed into Neon with its scythe, and the tiny eye blasted him with energy again. Thom knew it was time to cast his healing spell, but to his amazement Neons body had vanished and a fine grey dust fell to the ground in a small pile. Neon had been killed.

Thom and Azrukal focused in on the reaper and fell the foe before switching their attention to the armored foe again. The foe fell in the barrage of attacks leaving only the eye that had killed Neon. They used their last healing spells and put every thing they had into destroying the eye and narrowly avoided a second death.

After destroying the enemies, the circle behind them became active again with the same magic that transported the group here. Azrukal and Thom found the sarcophagus of Mydiclarius and opened it. Inside the found a massive demonic corpse with flesh on it that seemed moist. Buried with the body, the group found a Phoenix cloak, and a shield of the doomed. Both legendarily powerful items.



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