SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

A "gentleman's" agreement

The group walked to the Craven Talisman inn. The city around them was of a horrific architecture. Many buildings were made entirely of dead corpses and bone.
Inside the inn, the group met the owner a demon named Sensate Mistress Vaetu. She was very accommodating to the group once they paid for a room for the night.

Vaetu informed the group that most mornings, a fox faced raavasta would do monetary exchanges with various travelers. The group bed down for the night and slept uneasily without any interruptions.

In the morning, Vaetu invited the group to order what ever breakfast they desired. She then divined that Azrukal would like the same breakfast he had when in the city of passage. Minutes later a plate full of food arrived that looked slightly off, however tasted exactly like warbler egg with butter sauce and a biscuit.

While eating the group observed a fox faced humanoid enter and set on a large pillow in the corner of the room and begin smoking a pipe. A few different creatures approached the raavasta and had short discussions followed by exchanging items and coin.

Azrukal took the lead and approached the raavasta. Barely getting past introductions, the raavasta revealed that her named was Shemeska, and she knew exactly who she was talking to. She discussed why the group had traveled to the abyss and let them know that dealing with them would be a risk for her.

She agreed to instead of taking money in exchange to soul larvae, she would simply pay the able group for a simple service to her. Azrukal knew that any dealings with this creature would be anything but simple. However, the groups current situation left little option. He asked for the tasks details.

Shemeska asked that the group enter the Khin Oin and retrieve the Torc of Bin A’kin. Thom cut into the conversation and let her know that stealing something for her seemed a little dangerous. She told him that it was hers to have and being held onto by a friend named Archdegog Kaugothirn, but she was not allowed inside due to some prior misunderstandings.

The group briefly discussed the options and decided to do the errand for Shemeska. She handed them a medallion and told them that it would get them inside the tower. The group gathered their things and left the tower.

Before the group could get within two hundred feet of the tower, they found themselves surrounded by a massive group of demon guards that demanded to know their business. Azrukal produced the medallion and the demons ushered the group into the tower.

Once inside, the group approached a reception desk that barred entrance to the rest of the tower. At the desk, they presented the medallion and the demon at the desk took it from them and issued visiting receipts to each if them. The group asked the reception about the location of Archdegog Kaugothirn. The desk told them that he was in a priory a few floors above their location.

“A few floors above” translated to walking down halls and up twisted stairs for around two miles. The group finally found the room and upon walking inside, found themselves viewing the torture of a deva female and assaulted be demons.

The group fought the hordes of demons that were being summoned into the room by the torturer. Eventually, the torturer fled the room with Azrukal in persuit, while Thom saw to the deva’s healing.

The demon led Azrukal on a run for nearly a mile before entering a door with the words “debate hall” above it and slamming the door behind him. Beyond the door, Azrukal could hear the screams of many creatures and steadied himself before entering the chamber.

The debate hall was a floor with a centered stage surrounded by stadium seating on three sides. Covering the majority of the room was the gore of at least fifteen murdered demons of various types including the demon who ran from Azrukal. A jackal faced raavasta stood surrounded by demon followers covered in blood.

The raavasta let Azrukal know that Shemeska never should have sent them here, and that they should leave immediately. Azrukal noticed something about the way the jackal man moved, maybe it was a gesture, maybe a certain look. The drow was suddenly sure that this creature making demands of him after murdering a room full of creatures was actually Shemeska in disguise.



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