The search for the mad necromancer Aric Blacktree ended the moment he sacrificed himself to summon his Goddess Oublivae.

The sleeping, god slaying Titan H’er Ket used his herald Azrukal to send the demoness back to Khyber leaving an interdimensional hole.

The nation of Breland has discovered that house Cannith not only caused the Day of Mourning, they were working directly with Aric Blacktree to summon Oublivae.

The dragon marked houses stand divided in civil war after the King of Breland ordered the assault and apprehension of house Cannith.

Underground lightning rail, a new transportation system is about to begin it maiden voyage making those involved wealthy beyond anyone’s dreams.

So begins the “epic” act three of the SSC campaign.

SSC Adventures in Epic Eberron

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